Jul 22, 2010


A hot tub causes the time travel of four friends from 2010 to 80’s, but why?

There was absolutely no endeavor made throughout the movie to explain as to what happened and what was the real secret behind the sudden transformation of the ‘hot tub’ into a time

machine except a few conversational blah-blahs that the characters made amongst themselves.

Lots of loopholes and no tie ups in the plots was how the script resembled.

Suddenly a farting old man entered the screens proclaiming himself to be the repair man of the hot tub and also the ‘chosen’ one having the knowledge of the outrageous time travel. He kept on appearing-disappearing and reappearing illogically, throughout the movie and was the most irritating of all the characters.

If it was for fun that Steve Pink made a movie like this, that would have been fine but he tried to introduce some sentiments and preaching too which did not suit the mood.

Enjoying the overflow intensity of vulgar remarks and suddenly uttering some ‘my best friend’ lecture was how all the players in the movie fastened.

John Cusack needs to be selective now. 2012 did not work and neither this 2010à1986 works. He is a good actor but somehow isn’t made for comic roles. Dramas and thrillers are the genres which go hand in hand with his appearance and acting.

Clark and Craig are good but Clark was much better in Sex Drive.

Rob Corddry steals the show all round because his role was one which was as cynical as the plot of the movie. He was too good with all the one liners and insults. I enjoyed his act throughout the movie.

Coming back to the plot; what were they actually trying to show?

1. You cannot change things in the past even though you want to; as represented in the scene where John gets stabbed by his 80s girlfriend although he tries hard to change the situation.

2. Or was it; you can change you future by going back into the past? As happened in the last, everyone’s life becomes a sudden celebration due to a guy staying back in the past with full knowledge of future.

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE does not bore you but is unable to create any impression too. It is just see and forget types. You can have some laughs because of the dialogues; otherwise everything else is worth nothing.

I will rate this movie as: 2/5

Jul 21, 2010

WHAT IF?--> 1: Al Pacino plays Alan in Jumanji

This will be the start and I hope to continue posting the “What ifs” regularly.

A movie buff as I am and many others whom I encounter on regular basis have these vivid and wild imaginations

about substituting the characters in a movie

by other league of actors. So, carrying on the same “What if he/she played this role?” here in the post and so

me more to come by.


Provided the story remained the same, the dialogue writer and the screenplay writer would have needed to do some high class extra work.

EXAMPLE (changes in a few dialogues and situations of Alan Parrish, who was originally played by Robin Williams)

Original: You think that mosquitoes, monkeys, and lions are bad? That is just the beginning. I've seen things you've only seen in your nightmares. Things you can't even imagine. Things you haven't even see.

Revised (for Al): You think that mosquitoes, monkeys and lions are bad? Fuck, no! That is just the fucking beginning. I have seen things you have only seen in your fucking nightmare. Things you can’t even imagine and things you can’t even see, you motherfuckers… dickheads….

Of! Course Al will be as pissed off as he was in Glengarry Glen Ross, Scarface or even in And Justice for All. There would have been no mercy shown on the kids.

Original: Beware of the ground you stand, the floor is quicker than the sand. (Reading one of the game’s dogmas)

Revised: Beware of the ground you stand, the floor is quicker than the sand. The game is fucking with my brain. Game, don’t fuck with my brain. I don’t like people fucking with my brain. You are disemboweling me psychologically. Don’t fuck with my brain.

Alan (Al) shouts at the game (like how Al shouted in Chinese Coffee) while his feet start to sink in the mystic sand. He keeps on shouting at it rather than figuring out what to do next. The next moves are devised by other characters.

Original: When, Sarah Whittle says: I knew this was going to be a bad day.

Alan replies: Hey, come on, you'll be fine. We just have to keep our heads. Roll with the punches.

Revised: Alan replies: Listen girl, there are two kinds of people, those who can stand and face the music and those who can run for cover. You are fucking not allowed for the second so, better, get fucked!

Alan supposedly in love with the girl doesn’t show any empathy because he is angry of how the world has changed in the span he was not around. Everything seems to be more than as corrupt as it was during the times of Serpico.

Hence the story would have moved with lots of anger and abuses, finally getting a ’+13’ and being the first movie made for children but not allowed for the children who could really enjoy it.

So I go by the choice of Joe Johnston, Robin was the best he could ever find!

Jul 19, 2010

Paranormal Nursery Rhymes

If U.F.O. sightings, alien experiences and the other paranormal events increase their frequency of occurrence, the children’s rhymes will no longer remain the same.

Twinkle Twinkle Little U.F.O.

Twinkle twinkle little U.F.O.,

Where you come from and where you go?

Up above the world so high,

Like a flying saucer in the sky,

Twinkle twinkle little U.F.O.,

Where you come from and where you go?

I see you everywhere in the news,

The days you miss the news are few,

Twinkle twinkle little U.F.O.,

Where you come from and where you go?

The scientists across world are many,

They keep on talking about you frequently,

China, America, Russia and Japan,

Seem to be your playing land,

If you do not visit any more,

About what will these people roar,

Twinkle twinkle little U.F.O.,

Where you come from and where you go?


Humpy, the alien came from the sky,

But Humpy, the alien did not know to fly,

All the U.S. marshals and all the U.K. men,

Couldn’t make Humpy to fly again.


Bee bee Bigfoot,

Can you tell me about your root?

Yes Sir, Yes Sir,

It is away in wild woods.

They say it is Canada,

And some state its U.S.A.,

I am not sure about my existence,

But go by what the rumors convey.

Jul 18, 2010


Does it work?

Do we seriously have experienced something before this life?

Does the event in our past life affect this life?

All I can say, after experiencing the past life regression session is that it does make you feel good to be alive and leaves down a lifelong impression about what you were before.

Some episodes do seem to be connected but the life we live now and one that we had lived before appear to be moving in two parallel dimensions. You can feel the attachment but not necessarily guess your connection with it.

Due to the deep down hypnotic sleep, you tend to feel the joy, pain and remorse sometimes even physically. When you wake up from it, your limbs become heavy and if something you had seen made you cry, the tears roll down your eyes.

So what actually happens? Do we sweep down to memory lanes so much that we reach an era which we haven’t even seen in movies?

I was in 1923; people go as far as B.C.

It is not some magic or a trick that the therapist casts on you but it is the pwer of the brain which can even recapture something which you have never felt or thought in your wildest dreams. I am not saying that everything what you see resemble your past, with a rock solid surety, but one thing of which I am sure is that things are not all ‘made up’ by your brain.

Anyways, it depends on how you take everything you experience. If you believe it to be true, it is and if you don’t then it is not.

But ‘past life regression’ is undeniably worth an experience.

Do go for it if you get a chance.

INCUBUS: When the pains are many, the words appear to be so clingy!

This is really 'dark' but I tried hard to make it easy. Am still confused, why I wrote it.

There was a belief that something awkward is going to happen but no scent of it, and the intuitions which make you alert before the ‘grief filled meteors’ strikes, were helpless and unmoved.

It was scary as it was unexpected

And it made them think twice as they went to bed;

Whether they should continue the life full of miseries,

Or burn themselves and get mingled with dirt and death.

He rose up, sat down and started to talk,

In a closed room where silence camouflaged;

“Why to feel so much for someone who has lost capability to think, feel, emote and twine,

Let us cut short time spent in making the decision

And get advice from someone whose knowledge ranks higher in such sufferings and its reasons.”

His father too got up and so did his mother, who wept,

To see her daughter suffering from a mysterious disease,

That made the daughter’s behavior so uncommon and inept.

“You are right my son,

And the proffer doesn’t have any flaws,

My little daughter needs some help which we cannot endow.

My heart shatters and the body loses its life,

The pain is unbearable which despises me of my cry.

Do something to heal my daughter; of the miseries she is in,

Or burn the house with bodies four; let the family commit this final sin.”

“Oh! No father, do not worry any more,

My sister is a fighter, she is going to withhold.

Do not succumb to the wrath of fate on us;

We will fight as a family, together here after.

Our little lady will get fine;

She will live with us in our merry times.

Do not lose hope, these times are fleeting;

For as humans we should be capable of resisting.”

The conversation was snatched by a scream from the room aside,

As the little girl laughed and cried.

The mother ran to see what was causing such reaction

But she was forced to move out due to the girl’s outrageous actions.

She threw things at her, one of which was a knife,

It hit her in the hand and caused the mother’s outcry.

The father and son held the lady whose life was spent protecting her child

And now was bleeding due to the malady which equipped the girl’s mind.

The boy didn’t waste time as was decided;

A van came by with men in apron who guided;

They asked the family to step aside,

As they held the girl and forced her to subside.

The injected syringe, made a piercing effect in all of them,

As they saw their youngest member being taken.

Months passed by and so did the recovery steps,

The doctors finally gave green to the girl’s mental self.

That was a celebration in the house after a long time,

The mother cooked and decorated everything in according to her daughter’s like.

The son was happy, like no brother can be,

And the father shed some tears on his daughter’s reconciled sanity.

The charm returned and played around,

Everyone laughed as the princess again wore her crown.

That night the mother wept because of a heart full of happiness,

And the father wore the smile of ever gratefulness.

The family had fought a serious demon

And the boy as a soldier felt the blessings and honor.

The night happened early as good things stay but not for plenty.

After everyone slept, the boy woke up,

What he found was the scariest of all his nightmares.

The girl sat on a chair in front of the table,

Twisting and turning her neck in a way no human can ever.

She whispered in a low haunted voice;

“I am a maniac and no man can stand me by.”

Her face changed and the voice deepened,

She remained unaware of her brother’s presence.

Of some fear, melancholy, suffocation and grief,

The boy rose up and took hold of the girl’s cervix.

He tore her neck apart using his teeth;

The girl remained in the same miserable feat.

Finally the voice ended as the body was divided,

The monster in the boy revived as the one in his sister was wretched.

The night saw something more horning;

As the house which dreamt of happiness,

Finally subsided in the fires of mourning!

Jul 15, 2010

News, views and if everything is over some ridicules!

News, views and if everything is over some ridicules!

Everyday I look up for some great articles on life, language, light
And if possible some not so frustrating fight.

But what I get is a story of murder done six years before,
Where a girl killed her fiancée in order to meet the love she adored.

If this was not enough there was a photo profile,
Of all the disgraceful adds full of vulgarism and skin show.

Got irritated and stretched my view to some other portion,

Just to find an eight year old girl raped without any commotion.
A man turned into a man eater and a woman committed suicide,
The police remained clueless and the papers covered it wide.
There was a child caught in a manhole,
Where all the passers stood by,
The writers wrote and wrote,
But none had the sand to stop his cries.

Then I closed the leaf to read some decent sports,
And found a sports star getting married with full pomp and show.

Finally, no hopes and no changing attire,
I went through the section where climate is divvied,
Shocked and still was I in the same condition,
As the column read : "Contribute to the GLOBAL WARMING REASON!"


Do I need to explain my moves,
They simply express my moods,
Life long dance and life long music,
Sanity is so anechoic,
The breath behind the hush keeps me alive,
Do I need to explain the soul of my life?

Jeopardized and agonized,
Sometimes scurvy and unrelated,
I move across with a swing and jilt,
So unknown and mis-leaded.

Then too I cross the destine,
Falling from the feet of mine,
The fall produces one more sound,
Reverberates through the ground,
The jitters makes me lilt again,
As phoenix rises to fame;

And my dance stimulates the morbid drive,
Do I need to explain the soul of my life?

Jul 12, 2010

RANDOM: Not mine but thine shall be done!

I am not in a writing vein currently. But then someone told me that we need to keep on writing. Write not only words but also the actions and thoughts. It helps us stay in touch with our inner conscience. I do not have any questions to ask to anyone and truly speaking I have asked all the questions to myself so I am empty and blank.

I keep on repeating the same thing: “NOT MINE BUT THINE SHALL BE DONE!

Then I keep quiet and slowly but steadily silence and comfort wraps me with a serene joyous peace. Throughout the day I repeat the same thing and feel the same mysticism.

There are few sentences which have got this special magnetic effect. They have got the unworldly and heavenly quality with them. Whether they make ‘conversation with god’ easy or not, I do not know but they make you feel as if you have related something to GOD.

There was a SMS which was in Anu’s inbox. It read “miracles take time to get established so if you are yet persevering to make something out of you, do not worry, God has shaped your life himself”. I repeat and think about it always.

And as BRADLEY WALKER’S song “Love and Life” says:

I tried to stay on the straight and narrow
But I've walked a crooked path
And I've felt worthy of forgiveness
And deserving heaven's wrath
Right on the money and off by a mile
Ahead of my time and way out of style
But I'm hanging tough, I ain't had enough
I ain't giving up on life or love
Well I try to stay away from the bottle
But I've reached out for the glass
I try to pull back on the throttle
But I still run out of gas
I've been an angel, but never a saint
Hung with the devil, don't nobody faint
Cause I'm hanging tough, I ain't had enough
I ain't giving up on life or love.’

And then I add to it: NOT MINE BUT THINE SHALL BE DONE because I know you will never decide anything which will be hurting!


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...