Jun 30, 2012

I am still there....

It wasn’t for me that destiny got untied,
The answers that it gave me once, were so untrue and out casted,
They were away from the reality and looked like some bunch of flowers which I wanted to hold.
They still are the same, the bunch which is placed far away and I waiting to hold.

If it was for me, it would have been that,
But it is not!

It is you, who made the figure out of some pebbled mud and broken mould,
This life belongs to all of you,
What I am is how you have seen me!

Because, my natural self is still that vague, irrational and erratic boy,
Who used to chase those seven colored flies!
The flies which were attracted towards the same bunch of flowers!

Jun 9, 2012

A few Questions for Dibakar Banerjee

This post comes out of faith and belief we always had in you.

Your latest creation, SHANGHAI, left us in a dilemma and I would like you to answer some of our questions about the movie:

1. Why the movie was named “SHANGHAI”?

2. What was the significance of letting the viewers know that Kalki’s father was a General who was caught in a scam of 40 crores?

3. How did we come to know that Emraan Hashmi was an outright pornographer (there were scenes where he was requesting girls to get into modeling and then in the second half a more clear version of him GETTING involved into pornography. But throughout he was clicking pictures and making videos of events; which was more of a freelance journalism rather than pornography.)? And, even if he was a pornographer, why is it being projected so loudly everywhere, except in the movie?

4. Why did Kalki leave New York (as mentioned by Prosonjeet somewhere)?

5. Why was the extramarital affair between Kalki and Prosenjit shown? How is it important to the script?

6. What was the meaning of the dialogue, “If the CM would have become PM, our country might have achieved the level of China”?

7. What were the significance of the below scenes:
Kalki and Abhay slipping on the wet floor.
Conversation between Emraan and Abhay in the washroom.

8. How did everyone come to know that Emraan’s brother had a tape, although he had told this only to Emraan and Kalki? And if they came to know about it, why didn’t they try to destroy the entire studio (they threw everything out of the studio except the CPU)?

9. Last: Where does SHANGHAI hit so hard that it becomes difficult for viewers like me to hear any noise it creates?

PS: We wouldn't have asked these, if SHANGHAI was supposed to be another Commercial flick. It isn't! It is something much more intelligent (as we understand from the critic's and a few viewer's reactions.

                                                                                                                                             Amit Mohan
                                                                                                                                             Rohit Sinha


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