Dec 27, 2009

Dec 24, 2009


I like a few things around but just can't imitate them. U know that is the chief problem when it comes to people like me. We are so concerned about ourselves that we can try but can't learn the things in their soul eternity. We wish.... and the wish list goes on increasing till we just stop adding more to it and sometimes till we die.

Again a depressive talk... NO!! it is not. It is a realization and it is never late to stop in life for some seconds... stop breathing and feel yourself....

"why am I like this???"

Yes, pose this question in front of you.. it will hurt for some time and then you will find yourself in the greatest realm of reality... the wonderful moment where there is a SECRET RISE within you....

So as a band aid to the things which I needed to learn and I didn't; I write this post... some one will get benefited cause EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON... :)

(& I was talking about things which can be taken... never about copying the persona as a whole... )

Dec 21, 2009


It really is very hurting when you love to do something and there is a severe drought in that part of the brain/heart which supports you to do the particular thing.

In my case, thing which makes me free is "writing" and since past four to five months or even more than that I am not in sync with the words and the chains of thoughts which help me pen down.

Is it loss of feelings, thoughts or is it just lack of time I devote to it?

Reasons can be many but the effect is one: IT HURTS ME.

Dec 20, 2009

Fakir returns ;)

Change the things now for better.
Fight the adversities.
Try to win.
Now or never!!! lolzz
What is this??
What kind of attitude is this??
Why can't we just accept things as how they are??

As Neal Donald Walsch mentions in his book "HAPPIER THAN GOD", be grateful for everything that you have. Try to cherish your failures.

You will get millions who celebrate their success, be different, make your failures Festive!!! :)

fakir (returns ;)


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...