Sep 22, 2011

Some Lines.....

Some lines drawn on the sheet,
Some lines drawn in vain,
Some lines with shades of dark,
And some erased somewhere during the path.
Some lines reluctant to express,
Some with a start till end.
Some having the truths to unfold,
Some with secrets hidden deep below their mold.
And then too all have a certain story to tell,
And a smile to share,
And some tears to shed.
Some lines drawn on the sheet,
They rise, rise where all of them meet.

Sep 8, 2011

GREED (2/7)

Continued from: WRATH (1/7)

The desire when ends, ends you in and out and when it grows beyond the proximity of imagination, it demands for a transformation; a transformation from being good to being bad.
I had tried to acquire the greed to be successful than everyone around, to own more than anyone can ever; but it has never stretched in me for more than a day. The reason why I kill it before it can kill me, is the soul which I want to prevent. My soul is not acquired, it is my gift and it will be the last thing which will transmute. 


Greed: See all want to be happy and merry, but you should be happier than them.
Av: There will be still a lot who will be happier than me, where will all this end?

Greed: Come on! Boy, life is all about competition and stepping over each other.
Av: If I belong to the race, I will also be stepped over some day.

Greed: How about being the best, the chosen one among all?
Av: The chosen one was he who taught to stand together with all.

Greed: Don’t you want to prove something to this world?
Av: Will the world be happy if I prove something to it, or will it be greedy to prove things more than me?

Greed: So, you want to remain reckless through life; staying away from the competition makes a horse go wild.
Av: A wild horse rather than a tamed one, a wish that I wish for rather than a replicated one, and a soul as free as it was once, better way to live rather than the greedy one.

And he disappeared, with a smile on his face and eyes full of tears.
I knew that this is what he wants; he wants me to stay away from him.


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...