Sep 8, 2011

GREED (2/7)

Continued from: WRATH (1/7)

The desire when ends, ends you in and out and when it grows beyond the proximity of imagination, it demands for a transformation; a transformation from being good to being bad.
I had tried to acquire the greed to be successful than everyone around, to own more than anyone can ever; but it has never stretched in me for more than a day. The reason why I kill it before it can kill me, is the soul which I want to prevent. My soul is not acquired, it is my gift and it will be the last thing which will transmute. 


Greed: See all want to be happy and merry, but you should be happier than them.
Av: There will be still a lot who will be happier than me, where will all this end?

Greed: Come on! Boy, life is all about competition and stepping over each other.
Av: If I belong to the race, I will also be stepped over some day.

Greed: How about being the best, the chosen one among all?
Av: The chosen one was he who taught to stand together with all.

Greed: Don’t you want to prove something to this world?
Av: Will the world be happy if I prove something to it, or will it be greedy to prove things more than me?

Greed: So, you want to remain reckless through life; staying away from the competition makes a horse go wild.
Av: A wild horse rather than a tamed one, a wish that I wish for rather than a replicated one, and a soul as free as it was once, better way to live rather than the greedy one.

And he disappeared, with a smile on his face and eyes full of tears.
I knew that this is what he wants; he wants me to stay away from him.

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