Aug 7, 2011

& I Get Crossed Again

Was it a cry that they cared for, or was it just a lonely devil inside,
Was it a breath that they looked for, or was it just the smell of blood far aside?
The dwelling peace and the rained mud,
The whispers in the silence that all dreamt for,
Music in the breeze when the days were not so calm,
The gifts for who never belonged and a shoulder for them, who had no one to return,
The promises in short which I made, some fulfilled some still remain,
The heart achieved through constant concern,
The heart which feels for everyone,
The heart which made me crossed then,
Seems to have crossed me again.
I got holes in my body, to make them free from the pains,
And now when I reside in them,
I see them pierced every now and then.

Was it a fool’s decision that I made once again,
Am I made to suffer the hurting till the end?
I got crossed to reside in you, to see myself resurrected with you again,
To see my life in you begin,
But what happened before happened again,
A devil’s cry is taken care of again,
And now I get crossed,
I get crossed again.

 A petite attempt to summarize the pains,
 Of The ONE who got crossed,
 And is still getting crossed for us again and again........................

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