Jul 15, 2011

Random @ Avsar

1.    Q.    What was there in Rang De Basanti that was not in Delhi 6?
       A.    One talked about Bhagat Singh and it will always be relished if we involve something of past. And the second talked about PRESENT...and we are not ready to accept that we can ever be wrong at any point.

2.   Since the times of Jaliyawala Baag,  we have always believed on wrong numbers by government. That day it was 389...and day before yesterday, 13/07/2011, it was 21.

3.   You are like every other guy till you have a GIRLFRIEND.

4.   Girls are the most beautiful when they look at you with LOVE in their eyes, and you don't know that they are looking at you. They are angles whose love can never be seen in its true form.

5.  Things do not change with time.... They get wonderful!!!

6.  People bathe us after we are born, and they do the same after we die.

7.  I miss my friends a lot!

8.  How can we resist pain? Is it some kind of passion which makes us do that?

9.  A small noise can be as good as a loud one, if you have the right intentions behind it.

10. Friends and Family.

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Naina said...

Superb dude.. :)


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