Mar 22, 2011

Contribute to Indrowines

AS I plan for a NOT SO ME LIVE POST on INDROWINES, I have many thoughts rushing through my mind as to how to tackle the whole thing.
My last such kind of post on TANTRA & SADHUS, did have a large number of views but this one being a stereotypical will not reach to many.
And as such, the whole idea behind it is so big for me that the topic can not even achieve 1/10th of my expectations.

If you read my blog often or even if you are a first time visitor please do go through these:
  1. Another One Bites The Dust
  2. The Curtain Raiser 
Get some idea about my idea (though I don't use an!) and if you can, contribute. :)

Mar 19, 2011

What's There In The Name?

Said by "Chacha" Shakespeare and imitated by all! :)
Got this official mail a few days back and cannot disclose the content because of the fear of getting enclosed in a dungeon; used the saying with perfect intelligence and then too a little negligence.

A few years back Bollywood was hit by a massively overacted comedy flick named One Two Three. I feel embarrassed and yet proud to say that I bought the ticket for it. And still see some parts when life gets too sensible. :) There too the so called sootradhaar aka narrator, didn't miss an opportunity to prove Shakespeare wrong.

So I sat down, of! course ideally on a Saturday afternoon thinking about how could Shakespeare leave a pothole open for him to be proved wrong.

As he said What is there in the name  and as people took it on face value that everything is about the name.  I am forced to sprinkle some of my thoughts on them who mistook the saying and some who can mistake it in near or later future:

With a recent example: Three guys working on the same project share the same name but known for different intricacies involved. So What's there in the name??

An old one: If Mahatama was named as Bhagat by his parents and the vice versa from the side of Bhagat's parents, we would have seen Bollywood fighting over a project named MAHATAMA rather than BHAGAT.

So guys,  what is there in the name?

A little Global and Natural approach to prove my point: If Tsunami was named Volcanic Eruption, would Tsunami arise from a Volcano's vent?

Shakespeare was correct as always!

There is nothing in the name. Everything is about you nature, image and character. Build it strong, and the NAME is built up.

ps: started working on a new blog: INDROWINES. The link can be found on the right hand side of Life's Lovely Cradle. Would be happy to have readers review my posts there! :)

Mar 3, 2011

& Hence I write, I write again!!!

I thought to get doomed,
& Hence I started to Write.

I thought to forget the world that felt sorry,
& To give my rage a vent I continued to Pen.

As the time went by never to return,
It gave me a paper and asked me to run,
I ran overlooking the hurdles with the paper in my hand, 
& the time driving me far,as far as it can.

The last stop was the peak,
& There I sat to think all that I gained,
& Hence I write, I write again.


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...