Oct 28, 2010


Once upon a time a little male and female human met. They shared their toys and broke one from the other’s basket. There was a heart loud cry and an everlasting enmity then done. The boy wanted revenge and so did the girl.

And hence the story of vengeance with a motive to settle the score had begun.

They grew little older and so did their thoughts. Learning the lessons of forgiveness brought them closer. Vision was same and so was the reception. Butterflies were beautiful to chase and the birds did compose music.

They sat throughout the day listening to the birds and watching the multicolored butterflies.

And hence started the story of companionship, banal but unique like none.

The butterflies became balloons and the birds were now the cartoons, but still the two were together watching the setting sun. Friendship was maturing and so were there fights. Now there were no broken toys anymore, rather some broken lies. No baskets to be owned but the ownership of each other’s choice.

And hence that grew between them which are forbidden, that takes away the fun and increases many more potholes to be done.

Then one day, he gave her a rose. She was happy like never as he bowed. The ring stapled them together and stamped responsibilities of each other. Once who fought for toys became the toy’s protectors.

It did some more, it made them reside in a single abode and made them fight and live with grievances which they never had before.

And hence the story that started with a joint cry ended with ‘together but alone.’

Ps: Hope people get the meaning!! :D


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