May 29, 2014

Me, My T100, and the Road to Gokarna!!

“Are you traveling alone?”




That was it; my mother seemed to be totally uninterested in having any more sane conversation with me.
I have been trying to find out the reason why she abhors my habit of traveling alone.


I understand that while visiting Shimla, my car was about to crash in the valley in the midnight.

The Gangtok thug took all I had and left me with a few pennies in my pocket (mom had to call for immediate help from one of her relatives who lives in Sikkim). 

The worst of all were the Goa drug peddlers who got hold of me and were about to get me held when my mom called me up (they disguised themselves as hippies selling some ethnic masterpieces, and I was walking towards them while the police were running towards them).

My mom’s phone call was always there with me, everywhere!

She was there reciting her mantras on phone while I was trying to take a reverse u turn on the wet hills of Shimla. I got so scared in that dark night amidst the rain and the forest, that I called my mother to seek her blessings so that I can escape the calamities I bought upon myself (I never knew that I will be reminded of that dreaded night throughout my life).

Of! Course she was the one who arranged money in the distant state of Sikkim, and saved me coincidentally, by calling before I arrived the drug shop.

Oh, I missed one big detail about all these experiences.

I WAS ALONE in the entire journey, every time, everywhere.

And I am about to begin one more, but this time a little more safer, and a bit more rigged up with gadgets and phones.


Okay, so mom is not receiving my calls, and not responding to my messages too.

But, this is my long planned and awaited trip to Gokarna, Mahabaleshwar. I can’t miss or even re plan it this time. I have visited most of the beaches around Pune and in Goa. The Gokarna beach is special. It is in the shape of OM. I would love to spend sometime there. The temple on the beach is a home of Lord Shiva. It is going to be a pleasure drive from Pune to Gokarna. Hope, my avenger keeps up to its reputation. Never before have I covered six hundred kilometers on a bike.

The best, I am once again alone on this voyage.

Bags packed!

Recheck: medicines, money, ATM cards, clothes, books, route details, GPS, chargers, camera, mobile phone, tool box, petrol backup, and my T100.

Road to Gokarna: The Journey Begins

6:30 AM

Starting the journey early morning (6:30 AM by my watch)! My T100 all charged up and ready to take up notes and post my activities while I am on move. Hope, mom follows my posts regularly. Planning to reach Gokarna by 8 pm tonight!  FB status updated, and a sorry mail dropped to mom. 

& the journey begins.

8:30 AM - Status Update:

I think I have covered around 80 kilometers which is not good, considering that I have to cover around 520 kilometers more in less than twelve hours. I will have to fasten up.

I so want to listen to AC/DC: It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

Time is running out. Need to rush. Anyways, will have to fight the scorching heat! There is no escape.

It’s nine; I should be hitting the road now. But, I want to relax a bit more. The serenity and simplicity of this place is so soothing. I can hear the traffic but the sound is not polluting. Everything is just so calm in its own way. No one rushing to get to a place, no fights, no need to get ahead! Everything is so pure here on the highway.

Time to leave my first halt!

Thanks for providing me the most needed rest. Hope to come back soon.

9:15 AM: My journey continues.

12:30 PM - Status Update:

And as I lie under the huge magical creation of God, every cell of my body feels so blessed! No AC, no comfort, but it still feels better. The dark shade engulfs my spirit and makes me feel alive and close to myself, my inner self. I want to scream and call nature to come and enjoy this feast with me. The two chapattis and boiled pulses, the best meal ever in so many years! I could give everything, any day for the happiness and the bliss that I am in right now! Hope, it stays; and I know hope is a good thing (quoted from Shawshank Redemption).

2:00 pm: About time!

Tasty food and a little nap under the coolest of the shades can transform you into a highly energetic human being; try out someday, you won’t repent. I bet!

My journey starts after a cup of tea. Meet you in sometime.

4:15 PM - Status Update:

This should be my second last halt. According to the map, I have covered around 400 kilometers. Still some 150 kilometers to go! With the setting sun, two things will be evident; one, the drop in temperature (that will be a great relief), and the second, an increase in heavy motor vehicles on the highway. According to my plans, my next stop should be Yellapur. The cup of tea I am having right now should fill me with enough energy to execute my plans. 

Enjoying the journey so far! Neither bored, nor exhausted! And people say, you need to have a companion to make the journey exciting! The journey itself is the companion, who needs more!

4:45 PM: Time to hit the highway! Meet you in sometime.

6:30 PM - Status Update:

A little reroute to have some good snacks at Mumtaz hotel that bestows one of the finest restaurants in Yellapur. I needed this. 

Off with my shoes and socks, and resting in an ac area of the restaurant, waiting for some coffee and snacks. Don’t intend to stuff myself, though I wish to, because I still have some 100 kilometers to cover. Just need to get the energy back. Hope to reach my destination by 9 pm.

7:00 PM: Done with my snacks break. Off to the concluding part of the most happening journey. See you at Gokarna now!

9:45 PM - Status Update:

10:45 PM

Dear T100,

That’s it for the day!
Your presence in my life and this journey is inevitable. I was able to keep my mother and friends informed about my locations and how my journey was facing. Just got a call from mom, and she didn’t seem to be that pissed off as she was before. All cause of you! 

Long way to go friend!

Will login back tomorrow and update the moments as they come to me.

May 17, 2014

That Beautiful Night...

I remember that beautiful night, filled with twinkle and lights!
It was cause of the sparkle that you had in your eyes.

The night had nothing much to remember and take pride!

 The trees swayed, and the morning birds still sang to make the night alive,
All there to make you smile.

And the night, it thought that all were there to celebrate its delight!
The night that had nothing much to remember and take pride.

May 15, 2014

Not A Poem IndeeD!

& the only moment when I miss you is the one when I try to regain that stupid skipped breath, 
Else you are always there...making me feel alive...

& if that's still not good enough, my heart seems to realize, 
u know that stupid heart shaped heart,
the one you fell for,
that ijiot (intelligent idiot) wishes for your smile,

& I,
I start falling again,
Last was for you,
Now for myself,
You are so there,
All here, all embedded!!

May 6, 2014


I continued walking along the unknown path.

When I was a kid, I was told that I should always be safe, and should consider all possibilities before choosing a path.

I had dodged all those advices to take this path that could lead me to miseries (That pessimistic mind we have!), or give me some charming surprises.

I am pretty sure that if the people from my past, the ones who had the rights to take decision on my behalf, come to know about this, they will try to call me back and guide me towards their trusted paths and destinations; the ones that they had already discovered, tried, and tested.

So, here I am, still walking tall! 

And, there they are too, still trying to call me all along. 

I give them a deaf ear sometimes, and then there are those times when I try to make them understand my rational. Does it change anything? No, not on their end! They still believe the story they told me to be true. I sometimes slow down; you know, the times when you want them to cheer you up! But, I have my own faiths, the ones that I developed myself, the ones that never had their intellect in them; the faiths that keep me running, running towards that flag of my dreams, that beautiful place of my peace, and those moments of my victory!

I crossed them all to realize my meaning of my life, not their meanings of my life!

I broke their trust to gather trust in my soul, my being, and my world; the world that I create, not the one inherited from them.

I turn deaf to their voices, I go blind to their gestures, and when they touch, although I feel it deeply nourishing, I generally get numb!

They want me to be safe, secure, healthy, and alive, with no risk in my life!

It’s hard to explain that the war that I fight every day, makes me happy, renews my life, and makes me feel alive!

The war against ignorance makes me feel alive!

May 5, 2014

.....called LOVE!

“What if this night never ended?”

“It would be dark and someday we will exhaust all the available power supplies.”

“What if there is no supply as such?”

“It would be dark forever; I might sleep forever!”

“What if you slept forever?”

“I will dream about you forever!”


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...