May 6, 2014


I continued walking along the unknown path.

When I was a kid, I was told that I should always be safe, and should consider all possibilities before choosing a path.

I had dodged all those advices to take this path that could lead me to miseries (That pessimistic mind we have!), or give me some charming surprises.

I am pretty sure that if the people from my past, the ones who had the rights to take decision on my behalf, come to know about this, they will try to call me back and guide me towards their trusted paths and destinations; the ones that they had already discovered, tried, and tested.

So, here I am, still walking tall! 

And, there they are too, still trying to call me all along. 

I give them a deaf ear sometimes, and then there are those times when I try to make them understand my rational. Does it change anything? No, not on their end! They still believe the story they told me to be true. I sometimes slow down; you know, the times when you want them to cheer you up! But, I have my own faiths, the ones that I developed myself, the ones that never had their intellect in them; the faiths that keep me running, running towards that flag of my dreams, that beautiful place of my peace, and those moments of my victory!

I crossed them all to realize my meaning of my life, not their meanings of my life!

I broke their trust to gather trust in my soul, my being, and my world; the world that I create, not the one inherited from them.

I turn deaf to their voices, I go blind to their gestures, and when they touch, although I feel it deeply nourishing, I generally get numb!

They want me to be safe, secure, healthy, and alive, with no risk in my life!

It’s hard to explain that the war that I fight every day, makes me happy, renews my life, and makes me feel alive!

The war against ignorance makes me feel alive!

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