Nov 20, 2011

Speaking To Conscience: Part 1

Q: What should I do to protect myself from the troublesome situation?

A:  Let things get to you as they are and see how they shape up. It was never simple and it is not so hard yet. It is just that you feel what you want to feel. Love what you are into and feel how it wants you to feel. 

     Don’t judge, don’t react. Just accept. Accept that the things are not how you want them to be and accept one more thing that things will someday be how you want them to be. 

     Give yourself some time. Talk to yourself as you are doing now and see your reflections around. Find people like you. Talk to them and share with them. Be a help and let them help you. 

     Breathe as slow as you can and sometimes as fast as no one can. Decide for yourself and not for the time. Rule yourself and not the situation. Reverberate with yourself and not with the dilemma you are in. Don’t fight! It won’t help. 

     Don’t be passive as it is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Don’t run away and don’t try to face. There is nothing to face. The only truth around is you and your existence. No one can take it away from you. 

     I know life could have been simpler. I know decisions could have been rational. But then I know one more thing that there is no enthusiasm and agility in something which is simple and known. 

     Love yourself as much as you can and love whatever you have done. Do not repent as you did not do anything wrong. You made some wrong moves, but then that is how we have to be to exist with divine. Take some wrong moves and end the vicious circle. 

    Merge with me and let yourself be free.  

Nov 17, 2011

NEWS 17/11/2011 from @VSAR's BLOG

This requires more research than my job does! But I do it for you, all you beautiful people who read what I write. 
So here are some stories which looked like headlines to me today.

1. “Dear God, let me do this for you.”

This is not at all a private letter to almighty but Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez’s feelings. The man   from Idaho was caught on Wednesday in Pennsylvania.
His crime?
He dared to shoot at the White House, last Friday night.
The police believe him to be a mental patient obsessed with God and his dictations to him. I don’t know where these people come from and how do they get such vibrations in brain.
The hearing on the White House shooting was today.
The best part of the entire episode; this was not the first time that White House has been shot. So it won’t feel anything new happening to it. The President and his wife were travelling, so stop thinking about their well being and read the next news. J

2. Keeping you updated with SOPA, don’t remember it?

SOPA, guys, the Stop Internet Piracy Act that was proposed by Eric Schmidt from Google Inc.  I mentioned it in the yesterday’s news. Anyways, if you don’t know, get yourself updated.
The latest news from SOPA’s kitty is that it is being opposed as a bill which can cause internet censorship. One more censor. I can’t tolerate it. Can you?

3. Bradley Cooper, remember him? Of! Course you do. The Hangover hunk? J

He is selected as 2011’s sexiest man alive. I hope Jack Black doesn’t get tempted by this and start trying to look handsome. :D

4. Even after ruining Nokia’s cell market and capturing the entire web, the hunger of Google doesn’t seem to stop. 
Here they are with the official launch of their Google Music. With this, they seem to overtake Apple’s itune.
Let us see google, how far can you make it?

5. Now, one from my desk; after starving a lot, I actually made others starve today. (This doesn’t make any sense, does it?)

Keep yourself updated : HERE

Nov 16, 2011

NEWS 16/11/2011 from @VSAR's BLOG

The day has been a little restless and unworthy for me as I spent most of the time doing nothing.
Let us see how it was for others… :)

1. Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner took their relationship one step back. They called off their engagement. Awesome!!! Wasn’t it? Sorry if it hurt your feelings but these silver screen babies have this habit of doing this more than often.

2. There is a new revolution in the online world. Don’t worry! No one takes away Google’s credit. Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google has proposed a new law to the online world. It is called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and intends to screw all of us who love watching pirated movies, playing pirated games and listening to pirated music. So all you pirates, be aware or book yourself a separate cell.

3. Watch out for evil queen Julia Roberts in the forthcoming Hollywood attraction: Mirror Mirror. What do you want more? Go and catch up with the trailer on youtube or something.

4. For all the SUV lovers, here is Ford with its 2013 Ford Escape. The Los Angeles Auto show saw this beautiful baby. Wait for it and till then be relieved by some of its pictures on Google. ;)

5. Last but not the least, one from my desk. I will be sued by my readers someday for writing on so many varied topics. :D 

Keep looking for more updates here: NEWS @ @VSAR

Nov 14, 2011


REBECCA got created here: REBECCA

I rise to see the clouds unveiled,
The drops still wetting the locks.

Brightness once proposed to be dim, feels blinding,
The air whispers to the nakedness of my physical lot.

 Hard to feel the toughness of land,
The feet seem to be numb and bland.

Touch doesn’t work anymore,
The hands have lost their power to control.

Smells are unique,
They don’t seem to distinguish themselves as they flow,
My voice voices me,
It has my inner glow.

No more do I resemble the dead,
REBECCA shapes me and in me she dwells……

To be continued….

Nov 5, 2011


Continued from: I AM BORN

You called me names,
And made them me,
You did it for yourself,
And engraved on me,
You tried to mould,
And make me resemble how you thought me to be.

I revoke you of your rights on me,
And name myself REBECCA,
REBECCA, which binds me to me.

To be continued….

Nov 4, 2011


I held the music you deprived me off,
I made the noise you stripped me off,
I touched the soul you ripped me off,
I saw the light you blinded me off.

& now you come back and enquire:
Where did I get the support you showed me not?

 The hands have power to create answers,
The will has knowledge to lay off pasts,
You shout, I speak not,
But my dreams have answers to shut you off!!!

To be continued…..


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...