Nov 16, 2011

NEWS 16/11/2011 from @VSAR's BLOG

The day has been a little restless and unworthy for me as I spent most of the time doing nothing.
Let us see how it was for others… :)

1. Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner took their relationship one step back. They called off their engagement. Awesome!!! Wasn’t it? Sorry if it hurt your feelings but these silver screen babies have this habit of doing this more than often.

2. There is a new revolution in the online world. Don’t worry! No one takes away Google’s credit. Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google has proposed a new law to the online world. It is called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and intends to screw all of us who love watching pirated movies, playing pirated games and listening to pirated music. So all you pirates, be aware or book yourself a separate cell.

3. Watch out for evil queen Julia Roberts in the forthcoming Hollywood attraction: Mirror Mirror. What do you want more? Go and catch up with the trailer on youtube or something.

4. For all the SUV lovers, here is Ford with its 2013 Ford Escape. The Los Angeles Auto show saw this beautiful baby. Wait for it and till then be relieved by some of its pictures on Google. ;)

5. Last but not the least, one from my desk. I will be sued by my readers someday for writing on so many varied topics. :D 

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