Dec 28, 2014

1 Akela (Lonely)

I start writing after giving the keyboard a little friendly blow.

Dust has been ghosting my laptop’s keyboard for a long time now. I don’t remember the last time when I thought of writing something.

It is not that I am clear about what I have to write now. I just need to write something.

How enthralling it used to be, to stay alone and not be lonely!

Now it is different; I first get lonely before being alone.

Loneliness doesn't hurt me, but it somehow starts feeding on my physical self. 

Then I realize how important the people and their presence are!

I still can take care of myself, no extra effort required. I was so used to it before, it is still there! You know, you don’t lose what you get used to.

But, their presence adds that necessary spice to my somewhat bland life in which I work, I drink, I pray, I curse, I think, and I die!

Fakir, you were right my friend!

They do complete my existence.

There will be a no win, no loss situation without them,

How hysterical will be life without them!

Dec 16, 2014


Mirrors, they have this all abundant habit of making you feel wrong, and the day you start speaking it out, the bloody fucked up mirror cracks into pieces.

You feel sad for it but no need to be. This is good! It is called awareness. You are not here to act like an adhesive. It’s nice to break them to make them realize that they are bloody broken pieces of glasses glued together.

I never intervened in your damned mirrored life.

Why the hell did you come for me?

What I have was destined. It wasn't cause of you showing me my image in yourself. If not you, some other mirror could have got my glimpse.

Remember, whoever you are, you are a mirror. A fucked up imitator!

Do not intend to become me when you are not even close to it.

And now, you come up and fight for your existence!

You, who got a reason because of me?

You come to fight for your existence from me?

Go, get lost!

Get submerged in your stupid self.

Go and try to think that you give meaning to someone’s life!

I am done with you.

You bloody mirror!


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...