Jun 1, 2014

A Rich Man on the Move

In him they found a great friend, guide, and teacher.

Life is never easy. How can it be? Why should it be?

There comes a time when you have to leave your abode to make a new start somewhere far away!

He was also compelled to separate.

The day he left, an annoyed silence took over the serenity of the holy home.

He never turned back because he knew that this was what was expected from him.

In the wild forest, he made friends with a few carnivores, learnt their ways, and studied their habits.
For a few years, became one of them!
But the truths you were born with never separate, they are your reality. He spent an altered life but the focus was always there.

The focus of getting to the peak, the focus to exceed!With a good note he ended his association with the predators.

He moved ahead and relaxed for some years on the steep slopes of the mountain. There he befriended the beautiful birds and the magical trees. Loved them and got lots of love in return! Built a small house and planned for a stay while return.

When he moved, the birds accompanied him till a distance. He could sense some tears trying to escape his eyes. But, he didn't cry!

He reached his destination that day, only to realize that his goal wasn't the peak he stepped on, but the one that was way high. For a moment he was heartbroken and servile, until he realized that his goal was never the peak! What he wanted was the riches of experience, love, and friendship. That was attained during the journey.

End just didn't matter anymore.

Everything he wanted came to him, but they came till the moment he kept going.

All the riches of this life belong to us, but they are visible only if we keep on moving and do not resist the change.

“Learn from all you meet, gather knowledge, think, believe, and grow RICH!", said the rich man!


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