Jun 15, 2014

How About Resting a Bit?

How about resting a bit?

Talking to me for a minute, and speaking what you wanted to speak all these days, but no one ever heard it!
Or, something stopped you from telling it!

You want to know my story?

Okay, here I say what I want to say!

“I sometimes lie to make things easier for me. The intentions are always harmless; yeah, they are self centered, but harmless. I just want to avoid the truth for a moment, and end up screwing some other truths that might not have needed my avoiding!
 I know I do this!”

Today my guardian/guiding angel made me remember something.

She said, “There can be a few mistakes that you did without thinking of harming anyone and you can be very sure that you did not harm anyone. But, you might have harmed someone, somewhere! You might have taken a wrong turn that encouraged some other person, take his wrong turn that eventually would have killed a very innocent man.”

Life can be miraculous or tragic, everything depends on the way we align ourselves.

So, do you have something to say?

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