Apr 14, 2018

The One!

The one within me, 
That hidden from you, but known to me,
Struggling to cast out,
Break free!

He moves when I am still,
He gasps when I am free,
Occasional, but lasting,
Platonic, but whispering,
A scared me,
And a breathtaking he!

Mirrors are where we are found,
I look at me,
As he looks at he,
He dares me to let him be,
I hear, but choose to dismiss what I see!

The voice amplifies,
I go deaf,
The nightmares intensify,
I go content!

I lose myself to stop him from happening,
What happens at the end,
It's he who I was in making!


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...