May 7, 2013

R & F : Back After a Decade

Rasputin: He again called us; once again to share his pains, sorrows, and incompetency!
Fakir: Come on! Aren’t we here for that?

Rasputin: I am not! You might be! He kicked us out of his life.

Fakir: Did he?

Rasputin: Why are you asking me? You too were thrown away.

Fakir: I was always there with him, a little calm this time as I found that he is taking right decisions.

Rasputin: What right decisions? He was sacrificing everything he wanted to have.

Fakir: No! He was doing the correct thing!

Rasputin: Okay! Is it? Then why is he back? You will have to agree with me. He wanted none of these. He wanted what we know he still wants, but can we steer him anymore?

Fakir: I know he wants something else from life, and he will be there once he is done with what he is doing now.

Rasputin: This is not going to end, Fakir!

Fakir: You are again taking the wrong loop. I never said that he should end any of the things that are making his physical life easier. He has to put a full stop to the ones that are making him reluctant to approach his destiny.  

Rasputin: I agree, but how? Can he even think about it when he has no thoughts left?

Fakir: His thoughts are always alive! Let him crave for them to become visible. He loves analogy, compares, and contrasts; let him understand how a desert feels about flood! Let him rise, let him rise again!

Rasputin: I hope!


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