Sep 27, 2007

"The Reign over me" effect on me!!!

I don`t know probably i am facing the same situation as the character faced there in the serious comments...

I am out of socialising which used to be my strength and the thing i was proud of!
No more...not at all...

Once my dad was like...m scared that u r accompanied with so many people i m scared that probably he will say.....why do u live so alone!!

They say there is a change of 90 degrees in most of us every year but my life has made me take a 360 degree leap!!

Seriously i feel i am done with human effect around me....scared of some stones that people can throw at me anytime!!

This is something which i am not really enjoying!!!!
How can i get over this!!

THIS I CALL...THE REIGN OVER ME effect on me!!!


god please help me in any damn ways to get out of this....


Sep 16, 2007


what to do with this fact...??
i mean i had a life which seems to be lifelong...though just 24 "long" years have yet passed!!

Sometimes i look back and shout..."amit what did u actually mean??"
Ya! every act seems to be a kind of question for me now!! Why, why, why??

No when or what in my life!!...Anyways...whatever the fact will be totally known by me...i have seen myself in mirror everyday....experienced every breath that i took....everyone else..including my loved ones are kind of characters in the big 75mm showcase with me in lead!!

I have learned a lot and my life is kind of an open preacher!!!


I am sitting in front of the television, watching something but not actually watching as my eyes are stuck on the screen but my mind i...