Jan 21, 2015

My Thoughts: Chapter 1: Someone Screamed!

“Let her go!”


“Dude, let her go!”

 Whom should I let go dude?

“Let the beautiful dilemma go!”

 Okay, is dilemma a lady? I never knew!

“Anything that creates an uncertainty is feminine!”

 Oh! Okay! Dude, keep it a little low. I am surrounded by females, here.

“Whatever! Should I continue or are you going to cry over the fact of dilemma being a female!?”

 Go ahead, I am zipped!

“I said, let her go. She is stopping us over here, trapped in your mind. Without us, it will be very difficult for you to regenerate.”

 And, who told you that I want to regenerate?

“Was that a question for me, your thought?”

 Oh, I forgot that you are my thought. I can’t confound you.

“Yup, correct!”

 Okay, continue!

“What to continue? This was it. Get her away from your system. I know, you have fallen in love with her. Can see her in you since past 4 years now! Nothing can be done till she is there. It is up to you how you clear things with her.”

 That’s it! This is how you are going to help me?

“Haven’t I already helped you? Now you know what you have to kiss good bye!”

 Am I supposed to laugh at it? Was that a joke?

“Do absolutely nothing till you get her out of your system! What you have to do next will be told by us. Do what you are being told.”

 And who are you? Bloody, the thought representative or something?


 Dude, I was just joking. Come back man!


 Don’t tell me that you left me in dilemma!

“See, this is what I was telling you. She is always there with you. Separate your ways man, else, no one or nothing can help you!”


 PS: Don’t shout at me for calling DILEMMA a feminine. It wasn’t me! 

Jan 19, 2015

My Thoughts: A Prologue

The thoughts deep inside me rise up, fighting for their existence.

I try to suppress them.

They cry out and I cry back, but they outnumber me!

I am alone and they are many. They have been there for a long time now. At first they were fighting against each other to gain my attention; now they are together, fighting with each other to become me!

They talk together; produce such a noise that deafens me. I try to realize what’s wrong but of no use as the sounds are way par my audible limit. I could just feel the hustle. Feel as if something inside wants to make a vent out of my body.

“Who are you?” I shout.

No answers!

“Who are you?” I shout again.

No answers again. And, I stop asking them.

How long will I have to live with them?

Why don’t they approach one by one?

I feel their pain. Can’t they feel mine?

Only pain can help us rise. We need to understand our pains. We definitely need to!

Jan 7, 2015

Nietzsche said, “God is dead!”

A lot of people around me, across the world, and in the movies are talking about GOD.

So I thought why I shouldn’t! 

This blog is still a personal and random notebook of my views; hence I hope that nothing written here is going to ignite any controversies.

(I needed to write this, although I know the limited visits my blog gets! :D)

Coming up to the title of this blog: “God is dead!”  

This is a famous quote by the German philosopher and poet, Friedrich Nietzsche. You can read more about him in Wikipedia. I need not mention why, when, and how many times did Fried use the statement in his works. What I want to do is write what I feel and where I agree with Fried.

Okay, let me start!

I was born and raised in a Hindu family with firm belief on a superpower who heads the universe and demands us to follow a certain set of protocols. I will be plagiarizing if I use the statements like “GOD punishes us if we don’t follow the rules” or “GOD is pleased if we worship him or fast for him or do a lot of other things like walking to a distant temple, bleeding in the course, getting sick after that and blah blah blah!” All these and many more countless philosophies related to the ONE and ONLY ALMIGHTY are still instilled in my brain.

I can’t break out of them, or should I say, I don’t want to!

The question now is, why! Why an educated person like me doesn’t want to get out of all these? Why?

You know what, it is very easy to site problems and criticize without paying any attention to your true self. A man who makes movies or writes, questioning all the hocus focus surrounding GOD cannot be a true messenger of the thoughts until and unless he/she is a firm believer of it!

I would love to ask them this!

Coming back to me, although I know somewhere that what I am doing is not necessarily going to act in the way people portray it, but I want to do it. Somewhere, it makes me positive and fills me with the energy needed to accomplish what I want to, or makes me strong to face the anti situations. That invisible force that I create (I agree upon this. I created my GOD and his strengths) assists me in moving through my life by being hopeful and positive.

Belief on GOD is an amazing thing. It is belief on HOPE. That is it! To do that if I go to a temple, chant some mantras, and fast on a day, what’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with anything?

The only thing that is wrong in all this is the human interruption. There are a few who make us do what they want by hiding behind the name of GOD. And then there are some more who want to prove the first lot wrong by hiding behind their GOD.

All the fights going across the world are the result of this.

It is not worship; actually, it is nothing, it is not even close to being human. They are degrading themselves, moving in the opposite direction to become animals again probably. What effect they are causing is something more fearful. They kill and make others believe that what they are doing is right. All this and many more in the name of GOD! And, people believe them!

How disgusting can it be!

I sometimes feel disappointed being a human myself.

Who knows where this war of GOD will take us!

I would love to believe Fried.

God is dead!

His death might end this!

(I agree with not wasting milk as an offering and use it to feed poor.)

Jan 4, 2015

The Rise of Rebecca

REBECCA was born here: REBECCA

I sway with the wind, and the wind sways with me,
I dance with the hum, and the hum dances with me!

My hair floats in the thin air around,
And I rise, floating above the ground!

All the visions you had are shattered now,
You yourself are moved and are ready to bow!

Rebecca rises above the eternity,
Rebecca rises above the beings,
The one who was once just a creation,
Covers the distance and creates!

Rebecca creates, she creates!

Jan 1, 2015

DAY 1: Carpe Diem!

"Carpe Diem" or "Seize the day"!

This should be our life's daily mantra. We don't need anything else to live successfully. Do we? 

What does it mean?

It simply means, work through the day, win it, and get that beautiful good night sleep.

Split your life in these short journeys of a day each. Compliment yourself after completing everyone of these, thank god and everyone around you who made you live through it. Do one thing more, do not make plans for the next day while you go to sleep! Tomorrow will be a new day, a new life, and a new journey indeed! 

What you breath today should belong to it; keep tomorrow's breath reserved for tomorrow!

I have read more than a hundred, and collected somewhere around five hundred books having a great insight of time and life.

One thing that is common in all of them is this. 

Every thinker has advised the same through his/her literature. 

We have to give it all to our present because present is the only time we have strength on!

Let's try to live our day; forget the past, future is unpredictable, let's glide through our day!

Happy New Year (2015) to all you beautiful people around! I love you because that's all I have to offer to you! :)

Let me rhyme something before I end this:

A patch of cloud,
Three green streaks rising above the bay,
And a beautiful wood cabin where I stay,
Dancing with my angels of light and some dreams of clay!

Come join me to relish the lights,
Come join me to feel alive,
Come join me to sing and sway,
They say, "Have a Happy New Year",
I say, "Have it, come what may!"


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