Jan 19, 2015

My Thoughts: A Prologue

The thoughts deep inside me rise up, fighting for their existence.

I try to suppress them.

They cry out and I cry back, but they outnumber me!

I am alone and they are many. They have been there for a long time now. At first they were fighting against each other to gain my attention; now they are together, fighting with each other to become me!

They talk together; produce such a noise that deafens me. I try to realize what’s wrong but of no use as the sounds are way par my audible limit. I could just feel the hustle. Feel as if something inside wants to make a vent out of my body.

“Who are you?” I shout.

No answers!

“Who are you?” I shout again.

No answers again. And, I stop asking them.

How long will I have to live with them?

Why don’t they approach one by one?

I feel their pain. Can’t they feel mine?

Only pain can help us rise. We need to understand our pains. We definitely need to!


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