Jan 21, 2015

My Thoughts: Chapter 1: Someone Screamed!

“Let her go!”


“Dude, let her go!”

 Whom should I let go dude?

“Let the beautiful dilemma go!”

 Okay, is dilemma a lady? I never knew!

“Anything that creates an uncertainty is feminine!”

 Oh! Okay! Dude, keep it a little low. I am surrounded by females, here.

“Whatever! Should I continue or are you going to cry over the fact of dilemma being a female!?”

 Go ahead, I am zipped!

“I said, let her go. She is stopping us over here, trapped in your mind. Without us, it will be very difficult for you to regenerate.”

 And, who told you that I want to regenerate?

“Was that a question for me, your thought?”

 Oh, I forgot that you are my thought. I can’t confound you.

“Yup, correct!”

 Okay, continue!

“What to continue? This was it. Get her away from your system. I know, you have fallen in love with her. Can see her in you since past 4 years now! Nothing can be done till she is there. It is up to you how you clear things with her.”

 That’s it! This is how you are going to help me?

“Haven’t I already helped you? Now you know what you have to kiss good bye!”

 Am I supposed to laugh at it? Was that a joke?

“Do absolutely nothing till you get her out of your system! What you have to do next will be told by us. Do what you are being told.”

 And who are you? Bloody, the thought representative or something?


 Dude, I was just joking. Come back man!


 Don’t tell me that you left me in dilemma!

“See, this is what I was telling you. She is always there with you. Separate your ways man, else, no one or nothing can help you!”


 PS: Don’t shout at me for calling DILEMMA a feminine. It wasn’t me! 

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