Jul 15, 2010

News, views and if everything is over some ridicules!

News, views and if everything is over some ridicules!

Everyday I look up for some great articles on life, language, light
And if possible some not so frustrating fight.

But what I get is a story of murder done six years before,
Where a girl killed her fiancée in order to meet the love she adored.

If this was not enough there was a photo profile,
Of all the disgraceful adds full of vulgarism and skin show.

Got irritated and stretched my view to some other portion,

Just to find an eight year old girl raped without any commotion.
A man turned into a man eater and a woman committed suicide,
The police remained clueless and the papers covered it wide.
There was a child caught in a manhole,
Where all the passers stood by,
The writers wrote and wrote,
But none had the sand to stop his cries.

Then I closed the leaf to read some decent sports,
And found a sports star getting married with full pomp and show.

Finally, no hopes and no changing attire,
I went through the section where climate is divvied,
Shocked and still was I in the same condition,
As the column read : "Contribute to the GLOBAL WARMING REASON!"

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