Jul 18, 2010

INCUBUS: When the pains are many, the words appear to be so clingy!

This is really 'dark' but I tried hard to make it easy. Am still confused, why I wrote it.

There was a belief that something awkward is going to happen but no scent of it, and the intuitions which make you alert before the ‘grief filled meteors’ strikes, were helpless and unmoved.

It was scary as it was unexpected

And it made them think twice as they went to bed;

Whether they should continue the life full of miseries,

Or burn themselves and get mingled with dirt and death.

He rose up, sat down and started to talk,

In a closed room where silence camouflaged;

“Why to feel so much for someone who has lost capability to think, feel, emote and twine,

Let us cut short time spent in making the decision

And get advice from someone whose knowledge ranks higher in such sufferings and its reasons.”

His father too got up and so did his mother, who wept,

To see her daughter suffering from a mysterious disease,

That made the daughter’s behavior so uncommon and inept.

“You are right my son,

And the proffer doesn’t have any flaws,

My little daughter needs some help which we cannot endow.

My heart shatters and the body loses its life,

The pain is unbearable which despises me of my cry.

Do something to heal my daughter; of the miseries she is in,

Or burn the house with bodies four; let the family commit this final sin.”

“Oh! No father, do not worry any more,

My sister is a fighter, she is going to withhold.

Do not succumb to the wrath of fate on us;

We will fight as a family, together here after.

Our little lady will get fine;

She will live with us in our merry times.

Do not lose hope, these times are fleeting;

For as humans we should be capable of resisting.”

The conversation was snatched by a scream from the room aside,

As the little girl laughed and cried.

The mother ran to see what was causing such reaction

But she was forced to move out due to the girl’s outrageous actions.

She threw things at her, one of which was a knife,

It hit her in the hand and caused the mother’s outcry.

The father and son held the lady whose life was spent protecting her child

And now was bleeding due to the malady which equipped the girl’s mind.

The boy didn’t waste time as was decided;

A van came by with men in apron who guided;

They asked the family to step aside,

As they held the girl and forced her to subside.

The injected syringe, made a piercing effect in all of them,

As they saw their youngest member being taken.

Months passed by and so did the recovery steps,

The doctors finally gave green to the girl’s mental self.

That was a celebration in the house after a long time,

The mother cooked and decorated everything in according to her daughter’s like.

The son was happy, like no brother can be,

And the father shed some tears on his daughter’s reconciled sanity.

The charm returned and played around,

Everyone laughed as the princess again wore her crown.

That night the mother wept because of a heart full of happiness,

And the father wore the smile of ever gratefulness.

The family had fought a serious demon

And the boy as a soldier felt the blessings and honor.

The night happened early as good things stay but not for plenty.

After everyone slept, the boy woke up,

What he found was the scariest of all his nightmares.

The girl sat on a chair in front of the table,

Twisting and turning her neck in a way no human can ever.

She whispered in a low haunted voice;

“I am a maniac and no man can stand me by.”

Her face changed and the voice deepened,

She remained unaware of her brother’s presence.

Of some fear, melancholy, suffocation and grief,

The boy rose up and took hold of the girl’s cervix.

He tore her neck apart using his teeth;

The girl remained in the same miserable feat.

Finally the voice ended as the body was divided,

The monster in the boy revived as the one in his sister was wretched.

The night saw something more horning;

As the house which dreamt of happiness,

Finally subsided in the fires of mourning!

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