Jul 12, 2010

RANDOM: Not mine but thine shall be done!

I am not in a writing vein currently. But then someone told me that we need to keep on writing. Write not only words but also the actions and thoughts. It helps us stay in touch with our inner conscience. I do not have any questions to ask to anyone and truly speaking I have asked all the questions to myself so I am empty and blank.

I keep on repeating the same thing: “NOT MINE BUT THINE SHALL BE DONE!

Then I keep quiet and slowly but steadily silence and comfort wraps me with a serene joyous peace. Throughout the day I repeat the same thing and feel the same mysticism.

There are few sentences which have got this special magnetic effect. They have got the unworldly and heavenly quality with them. Whether they make ‘conversation with god’ easy or not, I do not know but they make you feel as if you have related something to GOD.

There was a SMS which was in Anu’s inbox. It read “miracles take time to get established so if you are yet persevering to make something out of you, do not worry, God has shaped your life himself”. I repeat and think about it always.

And as BRADLEY WALKER’S song “Love and Life” says:

I tried to stay on the straight and narrow
But I've walked a crooked path
And I've felt worthy of forgiveness
And deserving heaven's wrath
Right on the money and off by a mile
Ahead of my time and way out of style
But I'm hanging tough, I ain't had enough
I ain't giving up on life or love
Well I try to stay away from the bottle
But I've reached out for the glass
I try to pull back on the throttle
But I still run out of gas
I've been an angel, but never a saint
Hung with the devil, don't nobody faint
Cause I'm hanging tough, I ain't had enough
I ain't giving up on life or love.’

And then I add to it: NOT MINE BUT THINE SHALL BE DONE because I know you will never decide anything which will be hurting!

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