Jul 22, 2010


A hot tub causes the time travel of four friends from 2010 to 80’s, but why?

There was absolutely no endeavor made throughout the movie to explain as to what happened and what was the real secret behind the sudden transformation of the ‘hot tub’ into a time

machine except a few conversational blah-blahs that the characters made amongst themselves.

Lots of loopholes and no tie ups in the plots was how the script resembled.

Suddenly a farting old man entered the screens proclaiming himself to be the repair man of the hot tub and also the ‘chosen’ one having the knowledge of the outrageous time travel. He kept on appearing-disappearing and reappearing illogically, throughout the movie and was the most irritating of all the characters.

If it was for fun that Steve Pink made a movie like this, that would have been fine but he tried to introduce some sentiments and preaching too which did not suit the mood.

Enjoying the overflow intensity of vulgar remarks and suddenly uttering some ‘my best friend’ lecture was how all the players in the movie fastened.

John Cusack needs to be selective now. 2012 did not work and neither this 2010à1986 works. He is a good actor but somehow isn’t made for comic roles. Dramas and thrillers are the genres which go hand in hand with his appearance and acting.

Clark and Craig are good but Clark was much better in Sex Drive.

Rob Corddry steals the show all round because his role was one which was as cynical as the plot of the movie. He was too good with all the one liners and insults. I enjoyed his act throughout the movie.

Coming back to the plot; what were they actually trying to show?

1. You cannot change things in the past even though you want to; as represented in the scene where John gets stabbed by his 80s girlfriend although he tries hard to change the situation.

2. Or was it; you can change you future by going back into the past? As happened in the last, everyone’s life becomes a sudden celebration due to a guy staying back in the past with full knowledge of future.

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE does not bore you but is unable to create any impression too. It is just see and forget types. You can have some laughs because of the dialogues; otherwise everything else is worth nothing.

I will rate this movie as: 2/5

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