Aug 9, 2013


PS (PRE-SCRIPT): This isn't a movie review!

Started at 930 for 1030 show!
The multiplex is just a fifteen minutes drive from my home. Imagine the excitement. 

And why not? 

Will be experiencing the real SRK after a period. Ra.One and JTHJ stole him from his real fans.

There are two types of romance:
1. The old book style
2. The SRK style.

Ages since I experienced the second.
Enough of all the sci-fi and the dramas. We want (at least I want) the old SRK back with his smart sense of humor and cupid love!

Not much of a Deepika fan!

Rohit Shetty is one hell of an entertainer (minus Bol Bachchan). I am sure the combo can't disappoint the viewers. Talking more about Shetty; let's not measure his sanity, let's count his hits. That's what really counts, correct? How many times can you watch Singham, and how many times Paan Singh Tomar? Do I answer the question? Want to clear that I had no intention to insult the wonderful movie (PST). It was just a comparison between commercial and parallel worlds of cinema.

45 minutes away from boarding the Chennai Express! A big crowd awaits even though, it is the second last show of the day. 10:30pm is not that young time of the night, and then when you are aware that you might be leaving the theater somewhere around 1 in the midnight.

And the countdown begins: ....

Nope! As usual E square had kept some cards close to it's chest! Suddenly they have changed the start time from 10:30 pm to 10:45 pm. 
Someone please screw them.

Not now! Not Now! After a month or so. :) 

Chennai Express has lot to do and more than a lot to break at the Box Office. Every single theater counts; forget the theater, every single ticket counts!

And more than anything, Every Single Fan Counts!!

Can see people from the last show leaving. A few escaped from the front door. Nice, happy faces! 

Think, SRK has made up to all of them after the disappointment each of us faced cause of JTHJ.

Three minutes to go!

People are ecstatic! Hope the energy and the sacrifice (our sleep after the full day job) pays.

Missed writing while Chennai Express played.

So, here are my honest feelings:

1. SRK is still the heartthrob. The wild uproar of the crowd was enough to prove this. There were even some whistle fights, which happened whenever some punches hit the movie screen.

2. Rohit Shetty is a big fan of SRK himself, and Chennai Express is a homage to the idol of Bollywood Romance.

3. Deepika cannot be ignored. She matches pace of the iconic star.

4. You tend to forget most, but do take away a few back with you. What more can you expect from a complete commercial flick?

5. Last fifteen minutes of second half seem to be a little too lengthy, but then you can ignore fifteen out of a 150 minutes long movie.

Hilarious of all : Watch out for these:

1. The train scene: "ab mujhe bahut gussa dila di" (you have made me extremely angry now).

2. When SRK gets drunk and insults everyone, starting with Deepika.

3. Encounter with the Srilankan smugglers & The Life Pie dialog.

4. The fight and patch up between SRK and Deepika after they run away from Deepika's father's village.

5. "Don't underestimate the power of a halwawaala."

6. SRK and Deepika bed scene (nothing A about it). One of the funniest moments of the movie.

7. All the scenes featuring a mixed-matched "antakchari" between SRK and Deepika.

I know, though it is an SRK movie, I haven't listed any of his romantic scenes (and yes, I started with expecting an SRK romance comeback).

But, that's the magic of Chennai Express. It showcases SRK's funny bone more than his romance.

And, SRK, like the old days, excels as a charmer!

(To everyone who has asked SRK to do something different, isn't this different? BTW, I heard a few more comments in which people has asked SRK to start taking risks as he used to do before! I seriously feel that they are the ones who had asked him before to stop doing the same thing again and again. Look, no one cares for what they think, but at least have some spine when you speak. Don't get muddled up, just to prove your points.)

Watch Chennai Express to forget the world for a bit, at the least.

Watch it to experience star power of one of the biggest superstars of this century.

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It is so beautifully written..can't agree with you more :)


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