Aug 15, 2013


I have started jotting down my feelings to stay in touch with them always! 

One other attempt to grow better!


Watching Mr. Deeds. One movie out of the many that makes me wish, if only I were in the protagonist's shoes. And what more should I wish for if the chief protagonist is one of my favorites Adam Sandler.

Forwarded to the scene where manager of Mr Deeds uncle's company comes to visit him. 

He is being told about how his billionaire uncle (unknown to Deeds left a mighty fortune for him). Whatever I write from here on is what feelings are surpassing my mind while I watch this beautiful movie.

P.S. (pre-script): This can't be a movie review, I think! So don't come sabotaging me about something that I wrote, which according to you is not correct!

It is just a visit made to my RANDOM thoughts!

1.   Why can't I fake sick in my regular job, and be taken as casually as Murph here. Arghhhh!! I so envy this pizza delivery guy here. He looks so joyous and satisfied just cause he has nice people around him. I am not against my life in any sense. I intend to make it better. All who are around me are beautiful and lovely. No doubt about that! *END*
2.    Want to learn and use the word "Touché". It  means acknowledging someone else's point that was made at your own expense. Nice little expression!
"Touché everyone!"
Ha ha ha! Wasn't that a nice one!

3.    I am so thinking of having a thought board for myself in my house. Deeds greeting card's board made me realize this. And yes, I would love to write a few getting cards myself. This online thing has crashed and cursed the card business somewhere. But still, emotions in words can't be ignored. Let it be nineteenth century or twenty first!

4.    "To my sweetheart, I love you completely with all my soul, without you I am nothing, a butter less role."
Wasn't that wonderful!
How can someone laugh at that?
Anyways, if this was in real and not in reel, and if I were the editor of hallmark cards, Deeds would have broken all existing records with this card. No other Valentine's day message for the next ten years!
Note: I can't keep on penning whatever I feel. So, I will wait for something that makes me subtle and stable!

5.    Want to say this to someone sometime: " Handshakes are for strangers, we hug around here buddy!" And make someone feel special. :D

6.   Deeds reading his card and people screaming his name. Come on, I want that role!! That's me altogether. :D

7.    "I promise to love you for 50 years more, even when your bosoms sag down to the floor!" Applauds everywhere for a happy man! Happiness is contemporary! Why I say that; cause it changes from time now to time then. What makes me happy is Deeds, not because the character was enacted by Adam, but cause the character is happy! The character has SPACE of his own, RECOGNITION of his own, and WEALTH of his own!

8.    How is being rich going to hamper your daily deals? If you love something, no money is big enough! (Deeds delivering pizzas after inheriting millions of dollars.)

9.     Go with what everyone wishes! Accept them as they are! This will help them to accept you as you are. Finally, you are the one who ends up making your life simple and lovable.

10.   How will it feel if an entire town comes to bid you farewell??? Rich and happy!!! Let me quote a line from the Deeds farewell card: "While I am gone, I know, I will miss you all a lot!"

11.   If you are happy and funny, you can make everyone around you smile and laugh! Inspired from Deeds Trip from Mandrakes fall to New York!

12.   Babe is a historic representation of the girl who has got the ability to let most of the stupid guys bend down to her charm.  And the story of hers where she blows her entire salary on shoes is....Yuck* 300000... still not enough..... Although I behold curly hair too, I have not messed my life for someone like her. I have experiences of other kinds of messy girls!

13.   Deeds comes to know that he owns a football team and he says, "It sucks!" I don't reverberate here Deeds. I would love to own a team.

14.   We don't need to be servant, we should be friends! Don't hit the chord there. I live in a country where people live to get considered as a servant.

15.   You don't need to be labeled by where you belong! You are, what you are! No cloth can decide your life! (Deeds enters a big business meeting in his super casual attire.)

16.    When you do right, you do right! Let all of then go!

17.    Enjoy and celebrate those small moments like an ECHO!!!!

18.   Abba, the band! Loll! I was in love with this band a few years ago. Would love to relive my passion and love for music.

19.   Would love to use 'wicked' as an adverb to describe every 'wicked' adjective around.

20.   You ought to save yourself from the people who mock you! Diaper therapy! You need to be stable. But how long, Deeds is great while he beats them to ashes. (The restaurant scene where a few top notch socials make fun of Deeds.)

21.    I love the attention that Deeds got! Funeral scene... :o....:D.....

22.   Oh my god... The best scene. (Editing this after some 24 hours, do don't remember which got me to react like that. :D.)

23.   Thanks Dr Pepper to be around.

24.   You can be something someday if you really want to! Thanks Mr Deeds.

25.   Discontinued here on! You need to be alone to do all such crazy stuff! 

If you read this, thanks for staying till the end. Loll!!!

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