Jul 17, 2009


It is 6:20 in the morning and I am sitting alone at the Vijaywada Railway Station viewing the crowd move by me.

There is a comforting breeze flowing around me making me a little more sleepy as I wait for the train to my home scheduled at 7:30 a.m.

I still think about pass sometimes, reminding myself of the mistakes I have done till date. So many years have passed that I have actually forgotten the causes of the tumble downs in my life. Now I just think ... "WHY?".

An old lady comes near me and asks for money in the local language. I just don't pay any attention. With time, I have learned the art of "futile ignorance". Let people feel that you are "DEAF".

"DREAM BIG, INVEST SMALL", what a banner holds for people reading it. A question....... no...... two questions strike me,

- What if a person is illiterate?? He can't read the banner then he should not even dream as he is not investing cause of lack of knowledge......

- Why can't we dream big without any investment???


The train arrived , only ten minutes late..... in the context of IST, it is highly commendable for a public serving thing/person to arrive so early!!! I was expecting at least an hour delay.

People here don't seem to be friendly. I sit alone.

14/07/09.... the evening

A guy called Sunny, seems to me like my past... he starts the conversation and while talking he makes me feel special by really acknowledging all my advices.

Suddenly the whole not so friendly environment seems to be very cool and familiar. Everyone is interested in talking to me.... We start exchanging numbers too... Probably future holds some good companionship.

I meet a guy called Rajeev at around 8:00 pm and we straightaway gel with each other.... with the same style of mockery and the "pun intended" kind of statements. His one liners are likable and there are smiles everywhere.

Its late now.... have spent most of the time talking to a fellow passenger Rahul who is doing his B.Tech from NIFT Delhi. We talk about software's and languages, discuss about projects and the future plans.....

My body is stressed out now.... need to get some sleep....

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