Feb 10, 2009


These some days have devastated my inner soul and the only conclusion that I came to going through all the turmoils in my life was that "EDUCATION" has killed "HUMANITY" in all its forms.

I don't carry any dreams like traveling around world and earning lots of money now. I met people hugely educated and richly rich but with a heart which just beats without any rhythm. It was thoroughly surprising for me to see people running away from the help that they can render just to spend some more time to work so that they could increase their bank balance and further more the greatest excuse nowadays... "RECESSION"... It was an economic recession I think, but now I find a crisis of humanity.

The economic recession may improve but the lack of humanity can never be. EDUCATION HAS KILLED THE SOUL OF BEING A HUMAN BEING.

What will I gain joining a big multinational company?

If this is how my life will be structured then I need to get out of the dreams of working high and earning higher. Better to stay in a small village with few people around and have humanity alive so that I could provide help to anyone in need.

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