Jan 15, 2009

मन हमारा, जो लिखे वो तुम्हारा... पढ़ें और बतायें, कैसी लगी!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

This post celebrates my first book in print, a self published one and a compilation of my POEMS in HINDI.

Do purchase the book so that I can feel the “push” and continue writing more.
Will be waiting for all your comments here, and so for the time being, will stop my blog posts to keep this post “NEW”.

Can find the book in here at:


anu said...


Ruchi said...

way to go bro!!! mast hai ekdum
I have started marketting full swing... hope to see you earning soon ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats On the Book. Hope U Do Well in Life and Find Happiness.

God Bless U.

varosy said...

better late than never..............wonderful collection from ur side...........hope to read more from ur side........


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