Oct 16, 2007

"yes for now...no for the lifetime...."
ridiculous...it seemed so to me too...

life moves and what we discover when we stop even for a second is that..."we have never thought about our present.."...either the past histories or the future mysteries....I have seen people being more sure about the future than their present....


i need to ask them..."HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS??"....Somewhere i read..."PRESENT IS A GIFT AND THAT IS WHY IT IS NAMED AS PRESENT...".....

I don`t know how to convey this to everyone....

"once there used to be a mango tree around,
it`s not here anymore,
we used to play in the shade and in the summers treated us with the sweet mangoes,
but no more now,
it is not anymore around....."

i just wrote this in order to see how it feels remembering the past in a very poetic manner....let us try with the future now...

"there will be a time ,
everyone will feel alike,
love will be the only thing existing,
with no hatred around,
there will be a time ,
the whole world will belong to single family,
no division, of any sort,
there will be a time, a day, when i rise breathing free with no demarcations in the atmosphere!!"

yes now this was for the future....see the common feeling....it is called CRAVING for something which is not there!!!!
let us try for the present now!!!

"i write and i feel free,
every word seems to lift me one step ahead,
the breath i take gives me the feeling of being alive,
the music around relaxes my nerves and kills the grudges, if any, in all forms!!!
i write and i feel the air around,
i write to feel myself in the scopes of infinity!!!"

see this is how it goes...i was just penning down something which was coming in my mind and obviously...it gives a nice feeling!!!!

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