Oct 20, 2007

Rest in PIECE!!!

Actually i wanted to name it as "PEACE"...but then i decided "PIECE" will be better...I mean it defines LONELINESS in a very subtle and pure form!!! I was just sitting and thinking about all these stand up artists...they are so very talented with so many one liners and punches...i mean they can distort anything in such a fashion that it will seem to be a joke!!! This is something everyone should do in normal day to day life..cause when things are wrong you can`t do anything..you have two choices..

1. cry and face the situation..
2. smile and face the situation..

In both one thing that is going to remain constant and undisturbed is the SITUATION...so why to cry and tense the nerves....just smile and let the things go....(though i am saying...i don`t exactly follow it...lol!!!...)

Enough of all these "ENLIGHTENMENT TOPICS"....I think i should give a glimpse of some of the things while i try to figure out things needed for my project or presentations or studies!!!!...Have a look!!!...lol!!!

this is the one which was being developed while A. was explaining me about some sensors monitoring the movement of state buses and i was HEARING it....not necessarily listening till i got a scolding from her..."tu sun na rey...kyun aise kar raha hai!!!"....I was like...."I am listening to you...ya tell me!!!"....he he he!!!

this was drawn today in the morning when i was going through some pages of my old D.S.P. book...trying to figure out something...what??.,...i won`t tell...:P...i am scared of people trying to steal my novellas ideas!!!...he he he!!!

this one....look at it...the most interesting one...as far as i remember this page is a summary of 3 chapters of the book by s.d. sharma...operational research!!!....I think he should or anyone who believes in writing thick books for poor students take some guidance from me about cutting the very long story shorts!!!...lol!!


i think i should stop this writing for now.....three posts in a day after a gap of only one day...i am seriously up to creating some kind of HISTORY...and i don`t want to be a part of history cause it has the credit to forget the greater ones and remembering the timid ones!!!...he he he...


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