Oct 20, 2007


i told a day before about my new developed habit to send a framed or some where read lines to a group of friends and then sleep!!!
i love to see all sorts of reactions when i wake up in the morning...yesterday night`s message was a very contradictive one...

the message i sent!!!

The mind is always wrong and the mind is always right, cause mind knows only logic, the heart knows love. Let love be decisive and love has never been wrong and logic has never been right!"


N:- "you change your thoughts quite often. Love is a crap, a statement passed by you only"

(a reply was needed here and i did reply...but those will be posted after sometime ;) )

A:- " Its not the case always coz sum ppl, they always think 4m mind and nvr feel 4m heart. nd if u keep someone like that in ur heart, then u`ll be left alone with the feeling that u have been fooled by the person and d heart!!"

(bingo!!! this was some answer!! i loved it...and i am still surprised how much this feeling love can change a person...i mean the max. can be 360 degree turn...but here even 720 doesn`t seem too be enuff!!!)

S:- "Love is nothing but lust here and mind is always mad, it is uncontrollable. Rise above mind and heart. Use your intelligence and search for truth. Read Bhagvad Gita. All these are dealt in detail! hare krishna!"

(hare ram! hare ram! hare krishna! hare ram! ... i m not at all making fun of him...his thoughts....this person even called me up early in the morning to tell me something but as always i behaved like a non listener...with the only statement..."i never told you to believe on this...it was just an expression!!!")

Few others were there but all the forwarded ones which i am in no mood to discuss!! Ya the N episode!!!

after the message of the lady...my replies were...

1."I never said it is not right! Everything which is crap for me is not necessarily wrong!"
2. "Onething ya, i do contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes!"

The best thing yet to mention...when i told this to my sister she was like..."tera wapis chalu hua na...ME, MYSELF AND I wala episode!!!"...lol!!...she loves to call me Bruce of Bruce Almighty!! I don`t even know the logic behind it....but but but....as i mentioned...keep away from logic....just believe on LOVE...and u will land up as a loser.....

isis baat par...AMIT BABA KI JAI!!!...he he he!!!

anyways time to end...get back to words soon...as i can`t live without writing....i am foolishly so addicted to it!!!

Yeah one more thing...i saw someone expressing something to someone which basically i used to express that someone and that someone was comfortable with that expression of the someone and surprisingly the someone was comfortable with my expressions too....so finally i conclude myself to be a fool in front of both the someones!!!....he he he...!!!

A total someone mystery!!!!.....lolllllllllll!!!!:):):)

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