Oct 29, 2007

Fuck off!!!

This is for that part of my heart which still believes that no,,,the girl was not wrong...FUCK OFF...If u think so...fine...I am wrong and am pretty happy to be wrong....

For once in lifetime plz...Sorry, i won`t curse anyone here on my blog...cause i don`t want that one curse due to the wrong state of mind falls on someone affecting her life...

Sometimes i just think ... i think nothing at all....JESUS CHRIST i feel so pissed off at people faking their fucking heart...I want to scream and tell them , "listen just for once get your heart as the ruler or probably if their is a hooker inside tell me that."...They won`t understand that...they won`t...they are happy in their life and i am in love with god who helps them in fucking fool people who believe...believe them...believe their feelings...

No nothing, we have no scope left..because we will meet such maniacs at every step of our life and we have to act as a prey for them and to make things better ... our own experiences won`t count then too...we will land up smoking and drinking and killing us...destroying our own weight...to be treated as garbage at last...

And these people...these so so very brainy humans will have some reasons to deliver to their fellow breed members of why they fucked us...but they will be happy thinking that whatever fuck they did was for some very noble and generous reason...and they are either..."jesus"..or ... "Virgin Marry" in disguise!!!!

I mean i still think how can i be so cruel to my new born baby...only 7 days old Taaraa(my kitten)...to tell her that see baby thats ur mom.....now i should tell her....see baby that is who fucked your dad and i am happy din`t lay any hand on you with her some stupid conclusive and rusted act....

My Taaraa is going to be a mom herself in now some 9 weeks and i am really very excited about it...the kids will have a grandfather and a very very young momma....:)...Oh...just shrinks my heart....the thought just shrinks everything inside...My kitten will give birth to her kitten...wow!!!...When i am penning down all the rage and wrath in the blog....baby is sleeping on my lap...purring...and i love her...i love her a lot!!!...She never needed any mom ever...and she doesn`t need cause .............Rubbish....i don`t want to write further...my anger just dismayed me....i am happy with it...at least!!...i even don`t want to spend my negativities for her!!!!

Anyways...I think i should just cool myself down with a cup of tea and one or two cigs...better than to go on abusing someone who was never even known completely to me...


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