Oct 28, 2007

screams!! finally heard!!

i always new this about me ... finally i have put it into action...:)...

let me talk about the songs i heard today first and later on the day!!

1. outta my system by bow wow ... wonderful song but in no ways resembling my feelings for now as i don`t think that i am still under the spell!!!:)

2. the way i are ... the girl who will be with me will deff sing the lines which Keri hilson has sung!!!..

3. be someone ... 3 doors down .. this song is like regular for me nowadays..i love everything about it!!

4. behind blue eyes .. 3 doors down .. NO COMMENTS!! have a lot to discover about this song ..

and a lot many...one by james morrisson, few by meat loaf and bon jovie!!


the phone rang and i was scared to see the name that phone was calling ..... i don`t want to mention the name but ya i am too scared of this person .. she is like ruling me and i can`t even retaliate cause she is always right about the things i am supposed to do..din`t pick up...just ran to wash room and freshened up...applied some gel to my hair and ran towards the parking where my not so virgin bike was placed...inserted the keys and acknowledged the one kick start...drove at around 70 and reached the decided place in 10 minutes...completed my work and returned home just to remember that two days since i saw her...:(...lol!!
went for a movie...had a talk with various members of my family and went to the nearest open air cafeteria with few of my friends!!!...throughout the day i was tensed about my cat cause she is having her first "heat period" and she is agitated cause of that...can`t see her in pain...probably will take her to vet tomorrow but will make a point that he doesn`t offer spaying as an easy escape to kill her pain...i can`t steal her gift to become mother at any point of time...
the topic on which i was keen to discuss was "the alter ego"...so this remained the topic for nearly 6 hours while we were freaking out at night...we discussed ..."aptamitra", "chandramukhi" and the hindi remake of the two mentioned movies "bhool bhulaiya"...as always i created a bate out of all the guys till Allwyn was like..."Amit tu kabhi bas nahi karega na, har insaan mein tujhe ek bakra nazar aata hai na jo ki tujhe kaatna hai..."...lol!!!

I don`t know why i am still uncomfortable talking to P .. though i really like her... the only thought...first i need to get out of past relation so that i can proceed in a very proper way...why should that girl suffer...why should she face what i faced??...Love doesn`t require any substitution that if you can`t get the person you love you use someone else to make yourself feel fine!!...This is not at all done...I was fucking used for that purpose and i don`t want to inflict any of such pains on anyone else!!..NO!!...NOT AT ALL!!!

I am not good today but!!...Something is fucking killing me....


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