Apr 20, 2016

Fighting the Block: Part 2

Word: Symphony

Target: Write at least 250 words, making symphony the pivotal element of the prose.

I am still thinking why I chose this word to start writing in order to get out of my block. 

The moment it came to my mind, I started searching almost anything related to symphony, which I can think of. 

Opened YouTube and played Beethoven's 9th symphony that he created with Riccardo Muti, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and chorus artists. I can't explain in words, how wonderful it is to listen to the magical notes that are currently inhibiting my senses. 

In my attempt to know more about 'symphony', I realized that probably it is the most beautiful form to represent a perfect blend, a congruity. The realization that if given their adequate space, everything in this world starts resonating together, and the music that they create is heavenly. 

"Symphony" is the true nature of our world. We are born to coexist. 

How can we exist together if we do not respect every individual around us? 

Anyone or anything in this world is as important as you, me, or we. 

Coexistence is symphony and symphony is melody. We all strive for melody in our life, but we don't know that it is already all around us.

You sitting in the comfort of your house, with your wife beside you, watching your kid play is one of those symphonies. 

Think about the great symphony we all can create by standing next to each other, being there to love, laugh, and grieve!

One great MUSICAL piece it will be, indeed!

(short of 2 words)

If you read this, thanks for your patience, love, and support!

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