Apr 20, 2016

Fighting the Block: Part 1

I am fighting a major writer's block since past 6 years. It has stopped me from thinking and writing.

Initially I used to cry and crib about it, but slowly I got comfortable with it and started living my life as if writing/blogging was never a big part of my life.


2011: I used to write occasionally and feel good that at least I am writing something. Thoughts kept on hovering around; very difficult to trap in my word. Still, I wrote some!

2012: I was writing still. Didn't need any event or contest to do what I love doing.

2013: Started looking for inspiration as I was out of my stock. I was slowly getting into that dry phase.

2014: I was lost in the desert. No water around, just a glimpse of the mighty mirage that made me hopeful that I will write again someday.

2015: The mirage got hazy and disappeared. I started forgetting that I used to write once. No need of any inspiration or thought. I was not writing at all.

2016:  Early 2016: Feeling bad about my lost talent. Trying to keep that feeling away. I want to stay as I am. Doing what I do. Going for my regular job, earning a living for my family, and laughing at almost all the things around me. Something is missing here. I can feel that. I am missing that one thing for which I was really passionate. I lost my writing in the short span of getting my derailed life back on to the track. I have successfully made a success out of myself. Now, I have to get along with my passion.

I am trying to break through the wall of this block.

I hope to start writing soon!

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