May 9, 2011

WRATH ( 1/7)

"The day I break my silence and wipe the smiles off my face, world will become unbearable for most of you around me as then you will see me closer to first of my sins: WRATH"

And when I shout this (today inside), I mean every inch of my statement and will wait for the day, you all force me to become a volcano with a massive vent.

I never asked for a mockery as I never mocked anyone,
I never asked for a favor as I don't believe in one,
I never asked for an advice as I forbid myself from advising anyone.

Am I cruel?
No! The people are.
They consider themselves capable of something which can be achieved or probably already achieved by everyone, half their potential.

Would like to name a few who continuously piss me off and who want me to react, but that won't help. Let them realize this themselves.

This is an advice; Do not confuse my smile and silence with my inefficiency to understand things because when I speak, I know things won't remain so fascinating.


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