Apr 24, 2010


A.R. Rahman, Gulzar and Mani Ratnam team up again after GURU to create a musical brilliance in RAAVAN.

A.R. Rahman is not a rhythm maker, he is an experience. There is no escape from the hypnotic effect of his music. His music rises from one level to another defeating his previous music. It is relative to god of music competing with his own creations.

And then there is Gulzar, a poet of his own might and demands. Sometimes I think, only he could understand what was in his mind while penning down the verses but then the fact remains, the reverberations that he causes with the movement and pace of music is inevitable, animated and flushed with beauty and delicacy.

Last but not the least, Mani Ratnam, the gem of Indian Cinema proves how close he is to harmony again. If Roja was an appetizer; Dil Se, Bombay, Yuva and Guru were the high class main courses and now RAAVAN is the tastiest dessert anyone can feast upon.

Talking about the music album, RAAVAN consists of six stunning tracks.

  1. BEERA, sung by Vijay Prakash and Mustafa Kutoane is the promotional track as seen in the first look of RAAVAN on televisions. It doesn't have a very extensive lyrical base. Sung to extol the character of RAAVAN portrayed by Abhishek. The word BEERA is repeated a number of times throughout the song but I am sure of one thing that in the next few months one is sure to hear the ringtone of various mobiles set up as BEERA. BEERA comes up from a Hindi word VEERA. The catchiest song and the best use of exhilarating music in the recent times.

Look for the line: "Janm na pooch, jaat na pooch,

Pooch jo pehchaan BEERA ka abhimaan hai,

Beera ke dus maathe Beera ke sau naam

Chere jo Beera ko…dhama dham dham…"

  1. BEHNE DE, sung by Karthik has the true essence of Rahman's music and Gulzar's lyrics. A soft revolting song with varied pitches. The metaphoric lyrical radiance is the strong suit of this song.

  1. THOK DE KILLI, sung by Sukhwinder Singh is again full of lots of energy and pumps you up whether or not you understand the real meaning of Gulzar's lines. One time listening will not satisfy your hunger of discovering the effects being produced by this track. It is highly stimulating and enriching. Sukhwinder Singh's voice adds the additional x-factor to the song.

  2. RANJHA RANJHA, sung by Rekha Bhardwaj and Javed Ali is an extended version of the famous Punjabi poetry "ranjha ranjha kardi hun main, aape raanjha hoi". Gulzar adds his lines very intelligently to the historic lines and Rahman composes the music which acts as a catalyst to the overall bohemian upshot that the song produces. Rekha and Javed Ali sing the song brilliantly and with the equal craziness as required for singing such songs.

  3. KHILI RE, again sung by Rekha Bhardwaj is a slow romantic song showing the grave emotion of separation. Rekha is the star of the song. Her voice passes through your ears, directly to your heart like a cold reliving breeze during a sunny afternoon.

  4. KATA KATA, sung by Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi and Kunal Ganjawalla is a marriage folk song. Ila and Sapna add the required feel to this traditional number. A beautiful song, wonderful to listen and has its own charm. It will be difficult to understand but a proper hear will let you make out the meaning and after the sense gets clear, the song just keeps on engaged.

As stated before, RAAVAN proves the intensity of the great maestros. Not like the recent trends in music, RAAVAN has songs based completely according to the requirement so it gets unconventional sometimes.

A must listen for all the true music lovers.

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