Dec 13, 2008


I think i know around 6 songs which have "Maria" .... and i am sure that a lot are yet to come...
Why the name "Maria" being used everywhere in the songs just like "Puja" or "Raj" in hindi movies?

to mention some of the songs....

1. Maria by Ricky Martin (this one got really famous, why?? I don't have any clues but on a very personal front, i never liked the song!!"

2. Maria Maria by Santana ( the beauty of Santana's guitar... if someone hasn't heard it... i think this is what is missing in the person's life!!!)

3. My Maria by Brooks & Dunn (i don't really think that all would have heard this song, but i am sure that the song deserves at least one time listening.... in my case its like min ten times a day... lolzz!!!)

4. Maria by Green Day (didn't find it very interesting!!..)

5. the famous AVE MARIA song: sung many times by greats like Celine Dion, Dolores O'Riordon.... (the song can't be commented by someone like me, it is much above all.... basically not a song.... a prayer)

anyways, to sum up, i think most of the songs having "MARIA" carry the beauty of their own.... so i am thankful to "MARIA" whoever she is.... to provide us with some great music.......lolzzz!!!! GOD BLESS MARIA!!!...;);)

fakir/ rasputin(amit)

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