Dec 14, 2008


I know I am in a very committed relation and this is not a time to confess something and that too here, in public…. But I am so sorry I feel I am falling in love again….:(

Sorry to say this…

I feel our stay together, though eventful, having lots of joys, and compared to our laughs, absolutely not painful…. I feel it’s high time for me to decide that I should move on….

I do remember the first time we met; I experienced a sudden change in my life. I had someone to share my dreams and help me work to achieve them… trust me, I will miss all those feelings more than you…..

I would like to say, I want to experience all those feelings in a much closer context with u by my side…. So will u please come to my place and live with me…. If possible get married to me because people here will not allow us to live peacefully without getting married….

U know, I am even ready to come to Ur place and talk to Ur parents and ask for their permission…

I hope u will accept my proposal… so that we can live happily… u know…aaaannnn…. Try to understand…

This was how, my GREAT FRIEND Rasputin wanted to propose his girlfriend but unfortunately, his girlfriend dumped him before he could release the letter in public…. Fakir and I had a hearty laugh after this!!!!!!


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