Nov 9, 2008


Off late I was going through some sites, talking to some people around and was in close contact with a person who is facing the problems due to BLACK MAGIC!

First I would like to mention, this post is not at all inspired by RGV’s “PHOONK” in anyways. Probably I am hearing and talking about this thing since past one and a half year!

My friend K was suffering with sudden mood changes, headaches, indigestion and weakness due to which he was unable to concentrate on his work and studies. One day he told me that he was being targeted by some unholy people in his hometown “Castle Rock” and that he was given some kind of hidden poison in the form of seed which can’t be detected by any medical means. Being very frank I still don’t have faith on this but then his confidence in the whole thing makes me feel that may be it is true.

K told me that it is easy to influence devil and get your wish fulfilled within a period of 42 days and if you worship god then it would take around 12 years so some people follow the black magic lines to get their things done by spacing someone else from what he/she deserves. I know it sounds very out of the world kind of but after listening to him, if not totally I have started believing on these things a little.

Some days back, K started feeling fine. This was cause of some magical medicine given to him by a spiritual guru in the town of Nasik. The thing which struck me was that may be he might have been given some normal medicine and cause of his getting well may be his belief on the guru but K was not ready to consider my opinion. According to him, the guru told him that an old widow who lives behind his house in Castle Rock is responsible for all. He was like how come the guru came to know that someone of the same resemblance lives near his house.

I found him fine so I didn’t bother him a lot as my chief concern was his getting well and coming back to work and studies.

This thing didn’t last for long. It is just 4 months now and he has again started complaining and this time he is directly claiming that he has been again targeted as he visited his hometown this Diwali and probably someone again put some spell on him.

Either some psychological problem or may be K is right. I don’t know but I will try to find out some solutions to my questions to which I am being put to it although it may require my visit to some such places.

I will try to pen down all my experiences related to this issue here as far as possible!!!





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Little Budhha said...

That is very much possible, and I do agree you are not inspired by phoonk! :)
It is quite surprising to know about your findings, and waiting for your further posts about it.
And one important thing - your shiva is able to cure anything with having the rock-hard FAITH!
keep writing..


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