Jan 10, 2008


So sweetheart i returned to you!!:)
Sorry!! Was a bit busy last month!!!...:)

Lots to realize and lot places to travel to and more than lots to carry!!!
I just can`t find any end to the journey i am on and still can`t recognize the thoughts that are shaping her in form of words!!!
Everything seems to be absurd...my getting up suddenly from bed and though having a bloody pain in my left hand typing like there is none and more than that have no clue what i want to type....

Few days back i wrote something and now i can`t remember what wrote....just that i seriously am enjoying now penning down most randomly here!!
Want to get some music...some coffee, few sticks to light and some people to crazily shout around me!!!

But one thing which always comes in my mind and makes me happy is that my kitten just had three kids yesterday and all of them are the most beautiful living things i have ever come into acquaintance with!!
I love Taaraa(my cat) for having given me this opportunity to see them!!! Then i think....probably someday i will have my sister`s baby in my hand and that day it will be like .... god u gave me the best of lives....i have no regrets now!!!

Now again my life came back...it went out for a roam....again started striking me with something....why do you react so much on everything??...Are you supposed to??

Why are there people around who come back sickeningly and create a fake profile of me by the name, "WANT TO GO BACK IN TIME~AMIT" ...do they at all know how was my past??....How did spend my past 4 years....everyday....no!!,,,,But to fulfill there grudge they will do this...and i have to accept it...cause i know it is being done by someone who was close to me sometimes!!!...Curse...should i curse the soul....curse...i should probably i should...at least here...on my space....i say...for doing this and for giving me if not more...only 4 hrs of uneasiness lord make that soul suffer more!!!!....

This is bad i know....to curse someone...but to have a label on you like....hit and run...is the worst....i never did anything to anyone cause my intention was bad...i always wanted to do some good to the person but the result probably made me negative....Fuck i don`t care!!!

ya fuck i don`t care!!!
thats something good!!!:):)

Rasputin alive!!!...Sex deff is something which makes or breaks ur mood....:)

walk the lines if u tend to feel them,
if not then just crazily jump so that u can blow the glue off,
escape and run!!:):)

God bless every living creature on this planet!!!:)


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