Nov 12, 2007


I have to write`s a day since i haven`t done anything with my blog!!!....
I just can`t find the answer!!!

Yesterday was a nice day when i got three books for myself...

1. like the flowing river
2. veronice decides to die
3. eleven minutes


I have started flipping pages of the first i.e. "like the flowing river" too!!!
let us see what i gain from this....till now i got a point which really influenced me was...
"two roads diverged in a wood and i took the less traveled by,
and that has made the difference!"

I am not aware whether i am on a different road or not...but i know i have to do something big in the world!!!

What i said yesterday to A.

" jab tak jo shuru kiya hai khatam na ho jaye,
tab tak kabhi nahi roonga, kitni heen takleef kyun na ho,
jabhi khatam ho jayega, to ek din roonga,
upar terrace par baith kar khoob roonga!!!"

(i will not cry till i reach the end of what i started and once when i reach there i will cry...cry a lot...sitting on the terrace!!)

I don`t know...these statement were not planned but they just came and they relieved me.....

It is not necessary whether you reach the place first or last....the more important is that you at least reach your destination.....the journey can be full of lots of miseries and uncertainty .... times when probably one has felt that life is not worth living...even planned for suicide or runaways but....the goal in itself is some galaxy one has formed for himself/ he/she shouldn`t stop before reaching the end!!!!!


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