Nov 9, 2007


I can hear the sounds of all the different crackers outside and i swear....though somewhere i love this...the massive noise pollution they are spreading today is killing all of my senses and i can feel a slight headache too!!!

So i thought it would be better to just scribble something in my blog rather than cursing all the small little devils celebrating LORD RAMA`S return to AYODHYA!!!!!!(devils are celebrating....that was so nice of!!!...i am including the people of RAVANA`S mighty kingdom too in this!!!...THREE CHEERS FOR ME!!!...LOL!!!)

Onething i am noticing about myself is that i am living "THE WITCH OF PORTBELLO" nowadays...every episode just keeps on knocking my thinking cap every time i am doing or about to do something!!!...I wake up with it, spend the day with it and sleep with it!!!....THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION.....PROBABLY I WILL BE RENOWNED AS THE SECOND "ATHENA" AFTER FEW DAYS....IF THIS SCENARIO CONTINUES!!!!!!!

I don`t want to say this...but i am missing someone....i shouldn`t actually!!!...but i am...this is the truth....and i can`t hide this fact!!..I hope this is nothing like love at all!!!....This time i will take enough time before getting to any stupid conclusion which can lead me into some situations i don`t want to be in!!!

anyways....the crackers and the great "AFGHANI BOMBARDMENT"....(what more can i say about the kids in the block...they are pain in the!!!)...are seriously blocking my thoughts and expressions too!!! i will have to stop now!!!


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