Oct 29, 2007


"trying to erase you from my memory,
cause thinking you just jumbles up my mind,
i love you too much to ever start liking you,
so lets just the story end again,
i love you too much to ever start liking you,
so don`t expect me to be your friend!

u always act so happy when i see u,
u smile that way you take my heart away,
introduce me to your latest love,
thats when i feel the walls start crashing in.

i love you too much to ever start liking you..."

this happened with Lobo and i pity at him...why did he ever land in such a situation??...And then i pity at myself cause i created one for myself too...lol!!!!..

Had this great fight with A. when i said that there is no feeling called love existing in a girl`s heart...the only thing they know is POLITICS and they are the best at it....I din`t pay any attention that the person to whom i am talking belongs to the same gender....so later i had to discontinue the discussion with some silly misplaced jokes!!!....

I think i need a smoke now...somewhere something is going wrong and i can feel it....what?...i don`t know..but someone is not well!!!

Trying to regain my spirits again...cig does help a lot...

I smoked it out,
watched the feelings fade away,
comforted with burnt lungs,
i washed the pains away!!!...:)

that was nice ... sometimes i do think that i am in love with myself cause i can play with words in the ways i want to...

Q:-why are most of the songs made symbolize love in some way or the other??...

A:-cause people can write in pain and love inflicts as much as a person can bear and finally lets him crash down left with some words to toy with!!!...lol!!!....

thats my reply to a brilliant question which was for sure incarnated by my brain....

this blog is a game which my heart plays against my brain....either of the two win....but i love it when my heart wins and my brain too applauds this situation cause it wants heart to win every race for me to stay alive and give a continuous supply of oxygen to it ...needed for its survival...

MEAN BRAIN....lol!!!!!:):):)

anyways...for now...


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