Aug 9, 2007

amit`s thoughts now!!!...1

listening to some queen songs now!! amazing....i always love them!! let it be any song!!
it can be that i stop listening to them for some fucking months btw later i come back to them again!! don`t know probably they have sung all the songs for all my moods!!

just some crazy feelings....i don`t mean that kind of they had some foresight and they were composing songs for a prince who was going to be born...

crazyyy!! seriously sometimes my own ways screw me a big time!!.....

nyways today is a big day...and i got the thought that i should start some kind of web diary rather than trying my hand as always in blogging!! it`s hefty man!! i know some ppl do`s not my cup of tea...bear....or vodka...watever u guys njoy...!!

stupid....i use this word heck number of times for just struck me now....i am so damn bloody stupid!!!

ohhhhhh yessssssss i am the great need is such i pretend too much....i am lonely but no one can tell!!!....

hey hey hey...just a song....not suiting me....i do pretend millions of times but i don`t pretend in front of myself...i am totally naked when it comes to watching myself in the mirror!!

i feel smokkkkkeeeyyyy....jesus!!

not now not now.....

okay fine i will not smoke....i will wait for some mins before i strike the cig!!

are u ready...are u ready for this...are u hanging on the edge of the seat!!

another one bites the dust.....i love this song......godddy...!!!

hey doning nothing now...just listening to the rap accompanying!!!

refreshed orkut and saw some scraps and heading towards the see how someone is doing now!!!!

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