Sep 25, 2010

WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? (My brief take on communal riots in India)

Q. Why am I at all wasting my words writing the things which are already known and never understood?

A. A statement which my brother in law made when we were talking about the deferred statement of high court on the Ram Janmbhoomi episode forced me to rethink about what our country has gone through till now and what are the probabilities of more of such occurrences.

He said, “Do you know what is holding India till now? It is nothing else than earth’s gravity. Who knows, the political parties will start a matrix fight once we lose it too. They will fly and kill.

This was not only funny but a trenchant and rotten truth. It made a man like me think about what our country has gone through in the past 60 years of its independence. I will emphasize on me because I have been least concerned about these things ever in my life as most of us are. We go through the headlines and watch them in the news, talk about them and then sit back to enjoy our pizza.

Writing about this is going to be the greatest challenge but I hope to pen down my feelings as well as I can.


I hope no one is expecting me to provide a geographical location of India or the count of population. One can easily find it somewhere in the Wikipedia.

India was invaded or not, that is not an issue right now. What we should know is that it has been the abode of all the religions and communities for more than two hundred years now (probably more than that, I am not so good with history).

All the religions have found a resting and peaceful place in here. It has helped everyone to grow on own. And we did understand this before much before the day of our independence from the British crown.

A small game was played at that time. A game which was referred as divide and rule and the citizens of this holy land did nothing except dropping their thinking caps which were crushed by the politicians of that era and are yet being squelched by the men of same dishonorable clan.

1947 resulted in an INDEPENDENT INDIA and a DIVIDED INDIA.


1947 saw more than 10,000 humans of both the communities (obviously Hindu and Muslim) dead and more than 25000 injured.

What an independence was that,

Drenched with blood and dressed with flesh

What an independence was that!

I was going through a report on featuring communal riots in India and the ones which I am going to relate now are kind of funny in their own satirical way.

In the year 1961, Jabalpur saw uproar of hindu-muslim grievances. The cause was a Hindu girl who ran away with her Muslim lover who happened to be the son of local bidi businessman.

The second was in Assam, 1968, when a fight broke between the two communities just because a Hindu boy was seen chasing a cow which belonged to a Muslim. The simple act of getting rid of the animal which had accidently intruded his land cause a death of nearly 100 people belonging to both the communities.

What can anyone feel by considering the above two situations out of the many; that we want to fight and kill each other.

A match stick needs a strike to burn and Indians need a reason (however silly it may be) to kill each other.

I am deliberately ignoring the wonderful acts of miseries and murders that happened in October 1984 (anti-Shikh riot), the Ramjanmbhoomi-masjid controversy (1989 till date) and February 2002 (Godhra-kand) because they need not be talked about any more. They have always been in news and reports are yet being submitted by various government organization.

60 years of independence and more than 60 riots, this is how we have shaped our independent India.

When British withdrew their guns, we pointed one on each other.

That is how independent we are.



I know a few people and you might be knowing some too who take pride on hating their fellow human beings just because they are Hindu or Muslim.

This minority is easily molded to murder and also to get murdered.

A rotten apple spoils the lot.

The rulers of our country utter some meaningless speeches and the rotten apples adhere to whatever they say without giving them a second thought.

Then starts the rage banked with some brainless and emotionless thoughts causing all to happen.

The only thing which comes to an end is a rational brain of creative thoughts.

If you are a victim, you try to form a vendetta and if you victimized others, you rot for more of such blood which you shed before.

And the massacre continues.

We burn with hate and forget a fact that hell is a place to burn and devil is someone who burns.

India lost the beauty of Kashmir to this hatred and we are on to lose many Kashmirs because of it still residing in us.

We can never change the politicians as they are born with it, born to lead us in a haywire way so that we can never be enough motivated to select our leaders properly.

So let them do their work, let them speak ugly and do the ugliest things.

INDIA does not need a few political lots to control its integrity.

I would request everyone to go through our history once and try to state one rational decision we ever made before starting a fight.

We do not need the hatred and anger to survive! If you cannot love everyone, stop hating them too.

A reason, how big it is, can never be bigger than a person’s life and here we are talking about INDIA, the country which is the home of more than 1.2 billion people living together despite of the difference in their religion and languages.

ram, allah, yeshu, gurunanak, sabhi aise shabd hain jinko bol kar sukoon milta hai”

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