Sep 5, 2009


It is not about how you want your love to shape your future but about how you can shape your love's future. In the long run we tend to forget the promises which we made to each other and more that that the ones we made to ourselves before falling in love.

As the day passes and few seasons change, the selfish nature which has been haunting man kind since its generation overtakes. Anything grows with time but love starts decaying. It is not that we no more love but we suddenly seem to hiding the most wonderful feeling in the closet we have made inside our heart.

The soul cause for all the broken relations which can never be reformed as once broken a knot appears and the knot always behaves as an obstacle, the one which can never be avoided.

So don't let the love decay... let it grow... let your promises be alive in you loved ones and then when the promises will reflect as tears of happiness, life will be more comfortable and worth living.

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